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If you'd like to work with me for either PR or SEO reasons, or you have an event you'd like me to attend, please do get in touch! I love working with brands and have really enjoyed all of the partnerships I've been lucky enough to be a part of over the past eight years.

You can email me at to get in touch and find out my rates, or contact me on Twitter @luxlifeblog. Please also email me for my full media kit.

Key Stats

As of June 2019 Lux Life has a DA 34, receives around 92,000+ pageviews/19,000+ unique visits per month, and has over 35,000 combined followers including 10,600+ on Twitter and 16,000+ on Instagram.


36% of my audience is based in the UK and 32% in the USA, with the rest mostly being based in Australia and Germany. Lux Life has a unique audience of young females (39% are aged 24-35) with a high disposable income.

Previous Brand Partnerships

Just a few of the brands I've worked with include; American Tourister, Hertz, Shangri-La Hotels, Mandarin Oriental Paris, Marriott, Langham Hotels, Elite Island Resorts, Virgin Holidays, Hillside Beach Club, Hayes & Jarvis, Emirates, Starbucks, Oreo, London Restaurant Festival, Kitchen W8, Hakkasan Restaurant Group, Le Caprice, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Grey Goose, John Lewis, Charles Fish, and Inception Group.

Return on Investment Potential

I have a proven track record of providing brands with a significant return on investment. Some examples include:

  • A brand gifted me a cream for my eczema, which resulted in over £150,000 of affiliate sales over the course of seven years directly tracked from my blog review, which greatly contributed to their success in the US market.
  • Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney had 18 nights of stays booked at their hotel as a direct result of my review, from just one gifted night stay. 
  • Palm Island Resort in the Grenadines had a honeymoon booking directly from my review, with a value of around £10,000. Similarly, their sister hotel Galley Bay in Antigua also had multiple bookings directly from my review and Instagram posts.
  • In 2016 I visited Zaya Nurai resort in Abu Dhabi, and from my recommendation and review a fellow popular luxury travel blogger visited and also posted about it as she loved it so much. In addition, they had multiple bookings for both stays and day passes from my review and Instagram posts.

I work with brands in the following ways:

- Press visits to hotels and restaurants
- Press trips with tourism boards/destinations
- Event invitations
- Brand ambassador roles
- Content creation
- Video creation
- Social media promotion
- Sponsored content partnerships

I'm afraid I don't accept guest posts or content written by others to be placed on Lux Life. My rates for sponsored posts and social/video content differ depending on the required needs - please email me for my latest rates. Press visits to hotels and restaurants, press trips with tourism boards/destinations, and event attendance and the resulting content created from these are all free of charge.

What is Lux Life London?

Lux Life London is an award-winning luxury lifestyle blog focusing on travel, restaurants, and events. Started in July 2011, Lux Life is a veteran lifestyle blog that has a strong engaged following and has seen steady growth over the years in both traffic and social media following.

Is Lux Life your full time job?

Nope! I've been blogging for years and I do make money from my blog, but I love my full-time job too much to ever give it up, and I just think it has more longevity than blogging. I have a BSc in Sociology and Communications, so have been working in content marketing since I graduated in 2012 - add me on LinkedIn here.

Some career highlights include working with Starbucks on their summer Frappuccino YouTube campaign in 2015, moving to Sydney in 2016 to manage the Global Tourism Australia search and content account and working on their 2018 Dundee Superbowl ad, as well as working with my dream brand - Coca-Cola. Currently I work at Google in London as a Content Lead, where I live and breathe all things content strategy, which is another dream come true!

Where Am I Based

I grew up in Surrey and worked full-time in London for four years, and then lived in Sydney, Australia for 18-months, but moved back to London in May 2018! Due to the majority of my audience being based in the UK, USA, and Australia, I'm very open to working with brands from any of these markets in particular.

I've also done bits of freelance writing, and have previously written features for:

- Grazia UK (in print)
- Red Magazine
- Refinery29
- The Independent
- Huffington Post
- Belgravia Residents Journal (in print)
- The Culture Trip
- Aglaia Magazine (currently hold the position of Lead Travel Writer)

Say Hello...

Say Hello is my little side project that is a more fun lifestyle blog. While Lux Life is purely my personal experiences that I can recommend to my readers, Say Hello is a random place for random thoughts, listicles, and what's new in London and Sydney!


I will always disclose whether I have received something in return for a post, whether it's a product, meal, hotel stay, or cash payment, and I will always be 100% honest in my review.

Affiliate Disclaimer 
This site uses cookies, and I use affiliate links through Skimlinks and Amazon; this means if you purchase an item after clicking through from a link I've included in a post, I will get a very small commission. This does not cost you as a reader anything extra.

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  1. Hi Catherine
    I loved your article about the fake world of blogging and as a new blogger I have to agree. Although the thought of having sponsored and press trips and restaurant visits sounds alluring right now, I would hate to blog about things just because I was invited somewhere!!Kind of defeat the point of blogging if I am only writing great things because I HAVE to.Having said that, can you offer any tips on SEO (I'm actually doing a one day course in November)I need to generate traffic to my blog and not sure what I'm doing wrong. I only launched the blog in June and have about 1000 views per month which isn't great. Can I offer my blog name to you? I'm not sure but I'll give you my email address if you want to email me
    Many thanks Catherine


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