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I'm gonna start by answering the question everyone always asks. Yep, my real surname is Lux! In case you're wondering where it's from, it's Latin for light, but my 'Lux' side of the family originally come from Prussia!

Anyway, born and bred in England, I lived in Surrey for 14 years before moving to Western Australia at the age of 16. Shortly after my final TEE exams (Aussie version of A Levels) we moved back to Surrey, and after a couple of long visits back to WA, I started University in London studying a BSc Media, Sociology and Communications in September 2009. I continued to visit Perth twice a year for a month at a time, until my third year at Uni when I finally took it seriously, didn't travel at all, and worked my butt off to get my degree.

I lived in London for 7 years, had the most incredible time ever (you can read all about my crazy awesome social life here), and then moved back to Australia in September 2016 to see what it was like living and working there as an adult. You can read all about my Sydney life here. I then moved back to London in June 2018, and am now based in London full-time, and for good!!

My blog is a luxury lifestyle and travel blog that reflects my own life and experiences. It's predominantly a mixture of travel, events, restaurant reviews, and of course my social life within London's 'old style' Clubland. Every so often you'll find recipes, and bits of fashion and beauty thrown in (specifically around beauty products for eczema sufferers). I also write another blog, Say Hello.

If you're a PR and would like to know more about how I can help you, whether you'd like me to travel for you, eat for you, or do something totally abstract but fun enough to interest my amazing readers, please visit this page.

PS: I really hate coffee and salmon (the pic above is hot chocolate ;)). So please don't invite me to a coffee festival. Or anything that involves a lot of salmon.

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