Sunday, 23 August 2020

A Post-Lockdown Dinner at Amazonico, Mayfair.

I've been seeing individual friends each week since lockdown ended, slowly seeing them all for the first time in months. It started out as picnics and drinks in the parks, then moved to restaurants at the beginning of July, and finally I plucked up the courage to visit an actual bar with a group of friends at the start of August. Since then I've seen a few groups of friends, but the lovely bunch I saw for our Amazonico dinner last night, I hadn't seen since January when we went to Isabel! We had the best evening, it's a restaurant we'd all been wanting to visit for ages so it felt extra special, and I wanted to share our experience as we were all super impressed!


Thursday, 6 August 2020

Hotel Review: COMO The Treasury Perth.

I first heard about COMO The Treasury back in 2015 when it opened and caused an insane amount of excited chatter in Perth. All of my friends over there were telling me how it was the most expensive hotel in Perth, and after visiting the restaurants and bars inside the Old State building in which COMO The Treasury is housed, they all encouraged me to check it out on my next visit over there! Well, five years later (and despite many visits back home inbetween) I finally got to experience Perth's most expensive hotel. So, was it worth the five year wait? Absolutely.

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