Thursday, 31 October 2019

Getting a Good Night Sleep With Mammoth.

If you've seen my Instagram lately you'll know that my parents recently moved from our family home in Guildford, down to the wild countryside of Devon. Unlike most people retiring, instead of downsizing from our four-bedroom family house, they've up-sized to a four-bedroom, 20 acres of land type of thing, with a three-bedroom barn conversion that will be rented out as a holiday cottage. So when Mammoth got in touch it was literally perfect timing as I needed a new mattress for my bedroom!


Thursday, 10 October 2019

Luxury in 24 Hours: Helsinki, Finland.

It's been a long time since I did a quick weekend trip somewhere, and with a few months of no travel over the summer months, it was time to jump back on a plane and go for a quick weekend break! I really wanted a relaxed city that wasn't too far from London, and one that was safe for a solo female traveller.

I found return flights to Helsinki with Finnair for just £100, so booked it and tweeted asking for tips. That's when Aftab replied and said "I want to come to Helsinki!". We've been friends for years and have been wanting to go somewhere together for ages but haven't found a time where we were both free, so my solo trip became a joint endeavour and turned out to be the most fun weekend I've had in aaaaages!


Thursday, 3 October 2019

A True Finnish Sauna Experience at Löyly Helsinki.

Before Aftab and I left London we did plenty of research into saunas in Helsinki, and decided that the Löyly Sauna (pronounced sow-na) would be the best one for us to visit during our weekend in Finland's capital. This was mainly due it being one of the only unisex saunas in Helsinki, but also because it was the only one that specified you had to wear bathers, and being the true Brits that we are, Aftab and I both agreed we were too modest to go fully nude in-front of a load of Finnish people! Haha.

Löyly Helsinki Sauna in Finland

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