Sunday, 15 September 2019

An Australian Brunch at Liv, Belgravia.

There are very few Australian restaurants in London, so for someone who was obsessed with the Aussie brunch when I spent four years living in Perth and Sydney, my biggest struggle with moving back to London has been the lack of decent brunch options. It's difficult to find a great antipodean breakfast/brunch, and so when I heard that Sydney chef Damien Moley was opening Liv in Belgravia - just a 10-minute drive from where I live - I was SO excited I could hardly contain myself!

Liv Belgravia Australian Restaurant in London

It had been about a year since Adam and I last caught up without the pumping music and colourful lighting of a bar or nightclub, so I invited him along to find out how he's been getting on since moving back to London from Geneva (you may remember I went to visit him in Geneva three years ago). The restaurant is located on Holbein Place just down from Sloane Square, and is a bright and welcoming space with friendly staff. It's the type of place I wish I could spend every Sunday morning.

Liv Belgravia Australian Restaurant in London
Liv Belgravia Australian Restaurant in London

We started with freshly squeezed Orange Juice while we perused the menu, and I was instantly drawn to the Banoffee banana bread. Banana bread is one of the things I miss most about living in Australia - it was always my Friday treat. Sadly we were there too early and it wasn't ready yet as it's baked fresh, so I decided on the Avocado and tomato bruschetta with poached eggs, feta, mint, basil, sumac dressing, hazelnuts. Ugh, I have MISSED brunch dishes with loads of ingredients! I don't know what it is about Australian breakfasts and dishes, but they seem to know exactly what ingredients work perfectly together and just throw them all in to create a dish of perfection.

Also I'm currently working out how to use my new camera, so please excuse the photos in the next few posts until I figure it all out haha.

Liv Belgravia Australian Restaurant in London

Adam chose the Green bowl which consisted of hot smoked salmon, avocado, soft egg, feta, beetroot hummus, lemon and cashew dressing. He absolutely loved it, and the staff kindly gave him a side of toasted sourdough as well!

Liv Belgravia Australian Restaurant in London

Damien was in the restaurant while we were there, so we had a chat and he kindly let us try their Ricotta Hotcakes! Oh my gosh. Adam and I were both blown away by the texture and taste,

Liv Belgravia Australian Restaurant in London
Catherine Lux - Editor of Lux Life London

We had the loveliest morning at Liv, it was the perfect place for a relaxed catch-up and delicious brunch! But next time I'm going later in the day so I can try the Banoffee banana bread!! 

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