Thursday, 25 July 2019

Bob Bob Cité, London.

I've been a big fan of Bob Bob Ricard for many years, so when I had the opportunity to check out new sister restaurant, Bob Bob Cité, I jumped at the chance! One of my friends from Sydney, Nicole, was in town recently so I booked it in for when she was visiting and we had the best time! The new restaurant is so beautiful, and although it feels super different to Bob Bob Ricard, it's still swanky and glamorous and all the things you think of when you think of Bob Bob Ricard, but in more of a contemporary French style rather than Russian.

Bob Bob Cité, London, Restaurant Interior


Thursday, 18 July 2019

Sunset Postcards from Dalaman, Turkey.

I got so many photos in Turkey that I couldn't fit them all into my mega post about my stay at Hillside Beach Club, so I wanted to do a little photo diary style post with a bunch of my favourite sunset photos from all of the beautiful sunsets I saw at Hillside! This is basically just a 'look at the pretty pictures' post, haha. But I hope it gives you a little inspiration and makes you consider the Dalaman coast for your next holiday destination, as it really is such an incredible place, super relaxing, and I'm already desperate to go back!


Thursday, 11 July 2019

Experiencing Centre Court at Wimbledon 2019.

I first went to Wimbledon 12 years ago when I was 16. It was just a few weeks before we moved to Australia, so my mum took me and we queued up to try our luck for tickets. Unfortunately there weren't any No.1 or Centre Court tickets left so we had to settle for No.2 tickets, but thankfully because of the rain that year a lot of the matches had been cancelled, which meant Rafael Nadal was playing against Mikhail Youzhny on Court No.2! After an epic five set match Nadal won, and I was hooked. 

Since then I've often tried to get Centre Court tickets and failed, and after seeing both Nadal vs Federer and Venus Williams vs Serena Williams in the Australian Open finals in 2017, and Djokovic vs Berdych in the ATP Tennis World Tour in 2015, I FINALLY got to Centre Court yesterday! So I thought I'd tell you a little bit more about the day...


Thursday, 4 July 2019

Brunch and Sundae Sessions at Smith & Wollensky.

Although my brother and I share our London apartment, due to our schedules it isn't often we get actual quality time together to catch-up. My brother is 4.5 years younger than me and we've always been close, so when an invite to test out Smith & Wollensky's brunch menu and new weekend Sundae Sessions came through, it was perfect timing!

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