Thursday, 6 December 2018

Petersham Nurseries, Covent Garden.

Back in the summer Jasiminne and I had the most wonderful dinner at the new Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden, and I somehow managed to lose the photos. It may have been because I have seven different hard drives and I *may* have saved them to the wrong one...but I found them! So the review is finally here...four months late. Oops. Sorry. I promise the wait is worth it though, because our dinner was MAGICAL.

It was during the heatwave that we visited, and we were desperate for some respite from the sun, so chose to dine inside rather than out in the courtyard. Petersham Nurseries is slightly confusing as there are a few different restaurants and cafes at the new Covent Garden location. There's the Deli cafe, the Italian restaurant La Goccia, and The Petersham. We dined at The Petersham and it was hands down one of the prettiest restaurants I've ever eaten at.

Flowers adorn the restaurant, and it sort of feels as though you're sitting in a *very* fancy and instagrammable garden centre. Anywho, after feasting on the delicious freshly baked bread and salted butter, we shared a plate of creamy burrata and tomato. Jasiminne and I ALWAYS get burrata if it's on the menu, it's our absolute fave!

We were chattering away and before we knew it the mains arrived. I was in my 'trying to avoid red meat' phase (which I'm still trying...and failing), so I had the chicken, while I can't remember for the life of me what Jasiminne had! But we did share sides of potatoes and carrots, which were delicious. In fact everything we had was delicious, and 

For dessert we chose to share the creme brulee cheesecake with red currants, which was pretty sensational and we definitely fought over the last bite!

We absolutely loved our dinner, it was such a great place for a girlie catch-up and is a brilliant addition to Covent Garden's plethora of amazing restaurants. It was also nice and quiet when we arrived at 6:30 (we like early dinners OK) but was absolutely buzzing by the time we left around 8ish.

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