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Minimising the Stress of Starting Over in a New Country With Leesa.

Moving countries is something I like to think I'm an expert in by now. I've moved across the world a total of four times - out to Australia when I was 16, back to England two years later, out to Australia again when I was 25, and back to England again two years later. Obviously when I was a teenager those moves were very different experiences, as my parents did pretty much all the hard work and all I had to do was pack my suitcase and boxes. The second and third times I moved countries were a little more tricky, as suddenly I had to organise everything completely alone and start from scratch each time with new furniture and homey bits.

I've been back in the UK for five months now, and one of the things I struggled most with was the delivery times of furniture and the essentials you need for starting over (ya know, like something to sleep on).

The thing is with delivery times, is that when you've moved countries and you're starting from scratch, you can't wait 12 weeks for a sofa to be delivered, because you literally don't have an old sofa to still sit on. And you can't wait 6 weeks for a mattress to be delivered, because right now you're getting back-ache just from sleeping on an air-bed on the floor for two days. You can always do an IKEA run, but then you need a car or van big enough for the furniture, and if you've moved by yourself you literally may not be able to carry it all alone! I found this when I moved out to Australia, and although yes IKEA is great, when I was having to carry lug my new mattress into the car, out of the car, into the house, and up the insanely steep stars, it wasn’t so great.

One of the brands that made my moving experience far easier and less stressful was Leesa. They offer a mattress in a box, which gets delivered to your door in under a week. Unfortunately the UPS delivery men who deliver the boxes aren't allowed inside properties, so I did still have to push the 40kg box up the stairs by myself, BUT, it was far easier than lugging a 30kg box into a car, out of a car, and then having to carry it into a house and up the stairs. Give me Leesa's delivery option any day!

And, the mattress is insanely comfortable which is also a plus, as obviously when you're ordering a mattress online you have no way of testing it out. Thankfully Leesa offer a 100-night guarantee so if you don't like it within 100 nights, they'll take it away for free and you'll get a full refund, and they also offer a 10-year guarantee on the quality of the mattress.

In Australia I had a mattress that was slightly too firm, whilst back in the UK at my parents’ place I have a beautiful luxury pillow-top mattress whicht is much softer. Thankfully I find the Leesa mattress more inbetween, not too firm, but also not too soft. I also love that it’s made out of memory foam, because I’ve been trying to reduce my asthma triggers (with started with my switch to wool bedding from feather and polyester), and memory foam means no dust mites! Hooray!

Setting up the mattress was crazy simple. You simply un-box it and drag the rolled-up mattress onto the bed, then cut off the plastic and the mattress slowly unrolls The mattress is ready to sleep on after just one hour, but it needs 24 hours to fully expand so I’d recommend leaving it the full 24 hours if you can. The mattress itself has three layers to ensure maximum comfort; a cooling 5cm Avena® foam top layer provides airflow for a cooler night's sleep and enough bounce for freedom of movement, a 5cm memory foam layer delivers the body contouring and pressure relief you've come to expect from memory foam, and a 15cm base foam layer adds strength, durability and structure to support sleepers of all sizes, without feeling too firm.

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Leesa Sleep mattress review

And let me tell you, I was feeling pretty smug while I was sleeping on my new mattress within a week of moving in, while my brother had to wait six weeks for his and sleep on an old and VERY thin 'emergency' mattress until then!

I’ll make sure to do a separate post soon with a full flat tour and what other brands I’ve found brilliant for fast delivery and making life easier when you’re starting over (it would be far too big to fit into this one). But in the meantime, if you've moved countries or repatriated back home, I'd love to know your experience with setting up a new home all over again and starting from scratch? 

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*Thank you to Leesa for collaborating on this post and sponsoring it.

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