Thursday, 14 June 2018

Ultimate Barefoot Luxury at Royal Davui Resort, Fiji.

From the moment we arrived on Royal Davui's private island in Fiji, we were in absolute heaven. I've stayed in a lot of incredible hotels over the years, and yet as soon as we arrived I knew this would be one of the very best. With just 24 hours to experience all that Davui had to offer, it was an exciting challenge that Laura and I were more than happy to take on, along with the help of Royal Davui's fabulous owner, Chris Southwick. Our journey to Royal Davui Island began at Fiji's Nadi airport where we were each weighed and then bundled into a teeny tiny airplane - just the two of us and the pilot. Little did we know the journey would be such an adventure...


Sunday, 10 June 2018

A Castaway Picnic on a Deserted Sand Cay in Fiji.

Our one day in Fiji was probably one of the dreamiest days I've ever had. I've had a pretty tough year so far, 2018 has certainly not been kind to me (more on this soon), but our Fiji day was peaceful, relaxing, and everything I ever imagined Fiji to be. It was the perfect way to celebrate visiting my 40th Country, and our entire Fiji experience surpassed all expectations! So, before I tell you all about the incredible Royal Davui Private Island that we stayed at, let me tell you about our castaway picnic on a deserted sand cay in the middle of the South Pacific ocean... 

Just half an hour after arriving on Royal Davui from Vanuatu we were jumping into their boat to be taken to their private sand cay. It's only when you approach the sandspit that you can even see it; a golden mound of soft sand rising out of the turquoise waters. The shore laps against the sand gently and the only life on the sand other than the odd crab, are a flock of sea birds.

The guys set up our picnic, complete with umbrella to protect us from the wind, picnic blanket, and deck chairs. And then they left us and took the boat back to Royal Davui. It was literally just us, in the middle of the ocean, on a tiny island of sand. We looked at each other, ran around the island shrieking and jumping around, and after eating our delicious picnic of salads and fancy sandwiches and gooey chocolate brownies and prosecco, we ran into the water and lay there floating in the shallows.

The wind suddenly picked up and in the distance it looked as though a storm was coming in with big black clouds peeking over the horizon. The gentle laps of the water quite quickly began to grow in size and urgency whilst the dark clouds sped toward us, and as we looked at each other with wide eyes in panic, the umbrella soared into the sky and fell all the way over the other side of the sand cay, the arms twisted and broken.

We raced back to the picnic set-up and sat on the chairs to stop them blowing away, and used the emergency mobile phone to call the resort and explain the 'situation' haha. They immediately sent the boat to collect us. We put our cover-ups back on to stop them blowing away and took some more photos to keep ourselves occupied, and after what felt like forever the men arrived to rescue us!

Laura and I couldn't stop giggling at the situation it was just so hilarious. It literally felt as though we were in some crazy film. What an experience!!



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