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My Favourite Sydney Restaurants That I'll Miss The Most.

Sydney's food scene is a weird one, there are some absolute gems, but also, like anywhere in the world, there's also a lot of crap...just perhaps more so than other major cities. I've slowly managed to work my way through dozens of restaurants over the past 18-months, and while I've written up full reviews for a lot of my favourites, this list are the ones I'm going to miss the most when I leave (but funnily enough I've only done full reviews for a couple of them)! 

Restaurant Hubert, Sydney

Italian: 10 William Street, Paddington

10 William Street is literally a 30 second walk from my house, and is the most adorable and intimate restaurant ever - perfect for a date or a girlie lunch or dinner! 10 William is an Italian restaurant with a menu that changes seasonally, and every meal I've had there has been incredible. I'm actually really sad I never did a full review of 10 William, but trust me when I say this is one of the best restaurants in Sydney!

French: Restaurant Hubert, CBD

This has been a favourite of mine right from the start. You feel world's away from Sydney when you're sat in the deep underbelly below the city's humid streets. The restaurant itself feels theatrical and very French, with wax-dripping candles on each table and lavish surroundings. The Bavette Steak at Restaurant Hubert is my favourite steak in Sydney, and accompanied with the Pommes Anna it's literally the most perfect comfort meal. Their wine list is also incredible, so if you love French food and great wine Hubert is the place to go!

Burgers: Brooklyn Depot, Surry Hills

So a few weeks ago Brooklyn Depot in Surry Hills briefly closed and I actually shed a tear. Luckily it reopened pretty soon after (turns out they just forgot to pay the rent), and so my colleagues and I went for burgers there again as soon as it reopened! They honestly do THE BEST burgers in Sydney, and the alcoholic thickshakes are pretty delish too!

Southern: NOLA, Barangaroo

I've been to NOLA a few times now and I just loveeeee it! It's really close to the CBD in the new Barangaroo area near Darling Harbour, and is a New Orleans themed restaurant with a Southern American inspired menu, and everything is just INSANE. I think the best meal I had there was when I went there for a work lunch and we ordered the sharing option and got to try every type of meat and all the different sides. The brisket is to die for and the mac & cheese is dreamy AF. And don't even get me started on the cocktails and desserts! My fave dessert is definitely the bourbon and pecan tart.

Australian: The Paddington, Paddington

This is another restaurant just round the corner from my house. It's really relaxed and they have a classic Australian menu with a mix of Australian, Italian, Asian, and European style dishes. Australian menus are typically a mix of these types of cuisine because the population is made up of so many different cultures from the huge waves of immigration that happened throughout the 20th Century. The burrata with watermelon is my fave, as is the grilled octopus, the tomato salad, and the baguette with whipper butter!

Japanese: Sake in The Rocks, CBD

Good Japanese is actually really hard to find in Sydney. I feel like we're so spoilt in London that I was a bit shocked when I moved to Sydney and struggled to find decent sushi and sashimi. Thankfully about six months after moving here I found Sake in The Rocks and my sashimi and sushi cravings were finally satisfied! Also, it's right next to The Argyle so perfect for a girlie dinner on a Friday or Saturday night and then you can go next door for a night out!

Seafood: Saint Peter, Paddington

Soz for all of the Paddington restaurants, but Saint Peter is yet another restaurant by my house. Soz, I promise I do go to restaurants further out haha. I'm just really lucky to live in an area with some of the best restaurants in Sydney! Saint Peter is a really tiny neighbourhood restaurant that looks really unassuming from the outside, but my goodness the food is amazing. The seafood is brought in fresh every day, and the menu changes depending on what they have available.

Steak: Rockpool Bar & Grill, CBD

Although the steak at Restaurant Hubert is my fave, if you want a less 'French' style steak, Rockpool offers the best variety of steaks. They also do great seafood options if you're with a party of people who can't decide what they want. For dessert make sure you get the 'Catherine's Pavlova' (no joke that is the real name of it) for a true Aussie experience!

Pizza: Love Supreme, Paddington

This was a tough one as I have SO many favourite pizzas in Sydney haha. But Love Supreme wins because the staff there are just so lovely and it's really close to where I live so nice and easy to run out on a Sunday evening to pick one up. All of the pizzas are amaze, and they also do some pretty great gelato if you're in need of dessert. If you want great pizza closer to the city, Lucio's in Darlinghurst also does the most delish pizzas!

End of the Night Feed: Mr Crackles, Darlinghurst

I couldn't do this post without including Mr Crackles. Mr Crackles has my heart, you guys. Srsly. Their pork belly rolls are just the most amazing pork belly rolls you will ever have in your life, and unlike most 'end of the night feeds' the food there is actually really high quality. But you can only go in the early hours of the morning because everyone will judge you if you go during daylight hours.

There are a bunch of other restaurants that I love that I've written full reviews for, which you can find here!


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