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My Big Christmas Round-The-World Travel Itinerary 2017.

With just five weeks to go until my big adventure starts spanning six cities on three continents in three weeks, I thought I'd put a post together telling you more about my plans as they've all been firmed up now. Some of them you may already know about from my half-yearly travel update, but I now know what I'll be doing day-by-day, so thought I'd give you a deeper insight into what I'll be doing in each place!

Essentially my itinerary is


My adventure starts in mid-December, with a first class flight on Singapore Airlines from Sydney to Singapore. Singapore is a long layover, and as I've visited Singapore so often and only went back in April, I'm going to do something a little different. I'm hoping to get to Universal Studios for a big of thrill-seeking fun before my next (and very long) flight. I'm going solo so I'll spend a few hours at Universal on the rides, and then head to the Tanglin Club to finally see it. I've been a reciprocal member for years through my London club, but still haven't been. It's widely regarded as one of the best private members clubs in the world!

After my day in Singapore I'll then be heading back to Changi airport, and heading straight for Singapore Airline's 'The Private Room' - one of the most exclusive first class lounges. I'm so excited to make HEAPS of content for you guys during this epic journey, and have a huge list already of ideas for what I want to do and create ;) 

I'll then be getting on another flight with Singapore Airlines, this time on their Suites Class, from Singapore to Frankfurt, a couple of hours in Frankfurt airport, and then on to Frankfurt to NYC! In total from Sydney to NYC I'll have about 40 hours in First/Suites, so hopefully that will give me plenty of time to give a very thorough review haha. I paid for it with about 150,000 airmiles I had, so I'm very excited to experience it as it'll likely be a few more years before I can experience it on miles again.

New York City, USA

I land Thursday morning at JFK, and will head to my hotel, The Grand Hyatt. I booked the hotel a year ago and the prices were already crazy back then, but I checked last week and the prices have TRIPLED since I booked a year ago! Insane! Definitely book early if you're visiting NYC in December.

I have three nights in NYC and three full days and a half day, as my flight is late Sunday evening. I've been to NYC twice before so have done most of the tourist stuff, and as it'll be all Christmassy, the following things are on my to-do list;

  • Ice-skating at Wollman rink Central Park
  • Plaza hotel afternoon tea
  • Columbus Circle Christmas Markets
  • Bryant Park
  • Chelsea Market
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Madison Sq Garden Gingerbread House Boulevard
  • Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall (already booked)
  • Washington Square Park Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Jazz concert at The Lincoln Centre (already booked)
  • Window displays: Lord & Taylor, Macy's, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, Tiffany's, Bloomingdales, Saks.
  • Grand Central Station

Food-wise my list consists of (some I have been to before and loved, others I haven't been to yet);

  • Lunch at Lexington Candy Shop (an old-school diner)
  • Pizza from Joe's Pizza
  • Dinner at Monkey Bay
  • A burger at Burger Joint
  • Breakfast from Sadelles
  • Cookie Dough from DO
  • Dinner at Beauty & Essex
  • Brunch at The Cupping Room
  • Hot choc from Jacques Torres Chocolate
  • Lunch and dessert at Bergdorf Goodman's BG Restaurant 

There's also a chance I *may* have to pop into our NYC office to meet everyone and see how they're coming along with a major US campaign we're currently working on. As soon as my director heard I was going to be in NYC in December her eyes widened and she mentioned I might need to pop in if possible. Luckily the office is in midtown so it could potentially fit in just fine with my Thursday and/or Friday plans, and as you all know already, I actually really love seeing the different offices around the world and meeting my colleagues who work there! 

Reykjavik, Iceland

Sunday evening I fly to Iceland, and after arriving around 7am will have about nine hours to experience the Blue Lagoon in the morning and Reykjavik in the afternoon. I'm really excited to have a little taste of Iceland! I then fly to London Monday evening for CHRISTMAS!! Also, any tips of places to eat for lunch and things to do in Reykjavik within an afternoon would be greatly appreciated! 

London, UK

I land Monday evening, and will be home for two weeks! I am so excited to be home for a cold Christmas this year after last year's slightly warmer affair. I'll be working in our London office the Tuesday - Friday before Christmas, and then I'll have two weeks off work, with a week and a half at home in the UK before flying to the Middle East. While I'm in London I want to do ALL the Christmas things; ice-skating, Winter Wonderland, cosy pub lunches, fancy hotel bars, walks with the family, and of course a good night out or party for NYE.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

I fly to Dubai on 2nd January, and when I land will be going straight to Abu Dhabi for a night. I've been to Zaya Nurai before, but never actually been to the city of Abu Dhabi. I'd really love to see the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and then just chill out by a hotel pool and relax after being on the go for weeks. 

After a night in Abu Dhabi I'll then be getting a taxi to Dubai on the Thursday evening to stay with my friend Nigel for a few nights. I stayed with him when I was in Dubai last year and we had such an epic time we're now doing Round Three (round 1&2 were both done last year, as I went to Qatar and Oman inbetween haha).

Dubai, UAE

We'll be going straight out Thursday night, as it's the UAE's Friday night. Friday I'm hoping we'll finally do a brunch as well as another night out Friday night, and then Saturday I'd love to see the old section of Dubai, and do a beach party again in the afternoon (perhaps Zero Gravity like last year as that was crazy fun). 

I then want another swanky final dinner (any restaurant recommendations please? I've already been to Zuma, Hakkasan, and At.Mosphere) on my last night, before I fly back to Sydney on the Sunday morning. I land Monday morning and am doing my usual crazy thing of going straight into the office!

And that, ladies and gents, is my big Christmas round-the-world travel itinerary! Six cities, three continents, in three weeks. I AM SO EXCITED.

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  1. Have an incredible time Catherine - so jealous of your NYC and Reykjavik travels! x

    Tamsin | A Certain Adventure

  2. Wow, sounds like a fantastic trip. I am so jealous that your job makes it possible for you to work while abroad and avoid using holiday days -I wish that was possible with mine! Also jealous of your airmiles and luxurious journeying - can I ask how you collect airmiles, is it just from flights or do you have an airmiles credit card/other techniques?!
    Anyway about Reykjavik -I was there in June and loved it. If you have time, try and do a walking tour with these guys The settlement museum is really interesting and you have to go up Hallgrimskirkja church for the views and just to see the structure itself . Reykjavik is also home to the world's only penis museum!!!
    The thing that's really worth seeing in Iceland is the Golden Circle, particularly the geysers and Gullfoss waterfall, but I don't think you'll have time for that with only 1 day so that will have to go on your list for your next trip!! Looking forward to following along!

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