Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Why I Quit The Ketogenic Diet.

I first started the Ketogenic diet in August. I've been on a health kick since May, and had been hearing about the Ketogenic diet (Keto) for years. After cutting down massively on refined and processed sugars for a month in June, I was keen to take it to the next level and cut down on my carb intake. Keto is supposedly the magic lifestyle change that involves eating around 20g of carbs a day, and your body using fats for fuel instead of carbs. Keto lowers your appetite, helps you lose body fat, and can even control certain medical conditions such as epilepsy. 

I stuck to the diet successfully throughout August, and had a couple of weekends off in September as I went on holiday - but didn't stray off course massively even on those weekends. I found Keto Flu wasn't too bad on me, as I made sure to keep my electrolyte intake up throughout. I was back on it fully through October and November, and made the decision to quit last week. Let me explain why...

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Friday, 24 November 2017

A Two-Week Travel Guide For Australia.

I like to think I'm a bit of an expert on Australia; I first visited when I was seven years old, and then spent a few weeks almost every year here (with two years living in Perth and going to high school there at age 16/17), before I eventually moved back in October 2016. I also spend almost eight hours a day embedded in the Tourism Australia website due to my day job, so am at the point now where I can comfortably provide a full 'ultimate' guide to spending two-weeks in Australia. And no, you don't need an entire month to visit - you really can see a lot within just two weeks! 


Friday, 17 November 2017

Love Won: Celebrating The Marriage Equality Vote in Sydney.

Two days ago Australia finally voted YES for Marriage Equality. Living in Sydney, I got to see the reaction and take part in the celebrations first-hand, and I wanted to share it with you all as I think it's such a special and historic thing to be a part of. After a long battle against the Australian government, the Australian people spoke up, and Love Won.

Celebrating The Marriage Equality Vote in Sydney Australia


Monday, 13 November 2017

My Big Christmas Round-The-World Travel Itinerary 2017.

With just five weeks to go until my big adventure starts spanning six cities on three continents in three weeks, I thought I'd put a post together telling you more about my plans as they've all been firmed up now. Some of them you may already know about from my half-yearly travel update, but I now know what I'll be doing day-by-day, so thought I'd give you a deeper insight into what I'll be doing in each place!

Essentially my itinerary is


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

A Weekend Exploring Dunedin, New Zealand.

After spending a couple of days driving around the Otago Peninsula, it was now time to explore the city of Dunedin! It's a very cute city with beautiful architecture and lots to see and do, and is well-known for being the home of the University of Otago, one of New Zealand's most prestigious Universities. Dunedin has Scottish and Maori ancestry, and the word 'Dunedin' is actually Gaelic for 'Edinburgh'. So, let me tell you a little more about this adorable city...

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