Friday, 27 October 2017

Paddo's William Street Festival, Sydney.

I've been living in Paddington in Sydney for almost a year now, and I absolutely love it! It has a village-feel to it despite being a 30minute walk to the CBD, and it really feels like a community. There are adorable terrace-lined streets, luxury boutique shops everywhere, and family-run grocers and restaurants. Every year the street I live on, William Street, hosts the William Street Festival. It's a street festival that brings together the community with food stalls, live music, and the local shops and businesses have stalls and decorate their buildings.

I had a night out with my work colleagues the night before so was rather hungover on the Saturday, but I popped out to have a wander down the road and try some of the food. I loved the decorations on all the buildings - one of them even had a faux-beach out the front!!

I was starving hungry, but I've re-started my Keto diet because eating a high-carb diet makes me feel really ill and super bloated (when I say 'diet', I don't mean a fad diet, I use the word diet in the traditional sense of it being my normal eating habits). This really limited what I could eat as a lot of the food on the stalls was very carby. I decided to have the most delicious Snapper Ceviche from the Fred's stall, which was *incredible* (it came with sweet potato but I didn't eat the sweet potato).

I walked back up William Street but was still pretty hungry, so asked the guys at the Nighthawk Diner van if they could do me a bun-less burger. Soon I had my lettuce wrapped burger and walked home with it to eat it in the comfort of my own house, which was a great novelty haha. It felt very strange being able to just grab something from a food truck and walk back to my house and be eating it 3-minutes later.

I had a coupla hours chilling at home watching Riverdale on Netflix (anyone else obsessed with it!?), and then walked down to The London (a pub on William St) with my housemate Joe and a few friends. Sadly we got there just as the DJ was finishing up, but a live band started playing outside the Nudie Jeans store so we spent an hour or so dancing and watching them.

I was starting to get super tired and was in desperate need of an early night after my crazy night out the previous evening, and so I wandered home and left the others to continue the party.

We all agreed that William Street Festival should be held on a monthly basis through the summer months, it was so much fun and is such a brilliant way to bring our lovely community together and showcase the local businesses. 

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  1. I looooove your neighbourhood! Like you said, walking less than five minutes from a quiet townhouse-lined residential road to a seriously stylish high street is such a novelty. There really needs to be a month-long festival, heck, make it summer-long so I can make it in December! x

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