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Hotel Review: Sheraton Melbourne Hotel.

As you all already know, I'm a huge fan of Starwood Hotels & Resorts. I'm a Gold SPG member and have blogged before about a number of their properties, including W Hong Kong a few months ago. The last time I was in Melbourne I stayed at the Grand Hyatt, and was really disappointed by it, so I was keen to stick with a brand I know and trust this time around. Luckily we had the most incredible stay at Sheraton Melbourne Hotel, and it was honestly like no other Sheraton I've ever stayed at before! Rather than being business-focused, it was contemporary, trendy, and oh so chic. Let me tell you more...

Sheraton Melbourne Luxury Hotel

The Staff

Our experience with Sheraton began on the Thursday afternoon. My flight was supposed to land in Melbourne around 10pm that evening, but at 2pm on the day I had an email through saying my flight had been cancelled due to high winds from Sydney airport. Over 100 flights were cancelled, and I was put on a flight leaving 26 hours later! 

I went into panic mode - my bestie from high school in WA, Caitlin, had already landed in Melbourne from Perth, and was on her way to the hotel. I panicked that they wouldn't let her check in without me as it was booked in my name, so I called them and explained the situation. They reassured me that it was all OK, and they allowed Cait to check in without me. 

The staff were incredibly kind to her, and obviously she was really disappointed to be spending her first 24 hours in Melbourne alone without me, but the staff delivered a bottle of prosecco to the room to soothe the disappointment which she was obviously THRILLED about! Anyone who has best friends in other countries and cities will know how hard it is being so far away from each other, and how you count down until you can be reunited. It had been five months since I last saw her in Perth so both of us were super sad we'd have one less day with each other to have fun and catch up.

I eventually arrived the following evening around midnight, and as soon as I walked into the hotel lobby I was taken aback at how swish the hotel was. All of the Sheraton's I've stayed at before in Europe and America have been quite bland and a little soulless as they tend to be aimed at business travellers, but this one instantly impressed me with the interior design decor.

Think mirrors, glitzy light fixtures, brushed gold, and stunning wallpapers all matching the hotels purple and gold/silver theme. I felt like I'd walked onto an interior designers Pinterest board! I was in hotel heaven!!

I picked up my room key from the check-in desk and took the elevator upstairs. I buzzed myself in and after lots of jumping up and down hugging, Caitlin brought out the bags of sweets and crisps for us to have a real life midnight feast and catch up before getting some sleep! The bed was one of the comfiest hotel beds I've ever slept on, and the pillows and sheets were so soft!! I really wanted to ask where they get their bedding from but was too embarrassed haha.

The Room

The next morning when I was a bit more rested I had the opportunity to fully appreciate our room and how beautiful it was. I asked the staff downstairs if I could see an empty room to take photos as our room was now a total mess, and they kindly showed me a similar room but with a king bed instead of two doubles. Our room with the two doubles felt much bigger, even though they're technically the same room level.

The rooms are really funky and I honestly don't think the photos do it justice, the design is one of those that you can only fully appreciate in person. Also, it had one of the coolest bathrooms I've ever seen! Don't worry though, there's a blind for the glass to ensure you have privacy ;)

The Swimming Pool & Rooftop Bar

There's a gorgeous indoor spa and swimming pool on the roof, with huge picture windows looking out onto the roof terrace bar. Caitlin and I spent most of Sunday morning lazing about in the pool and steam room to recover from our nightmare hangovers from our Melbourne night out the previous night. It was bliss. The pool is a large lap pool, with a jacuzzi at the very end. We couldn't find a sauna, but the steam room was more than enough for us!

No luxury hotel in Melbourne would be complete without a rooftop bar - Melbourne is famous for them! The Sheraton's rooftop bar is small but lovely, with a great selection of drinks.

The Breakfast

Now I've eaten a lot of hotel buffets over the years, and it takes a lot to impress me. The breakfast at Sheraton Melbourne Hotel is hands down up there in my Top Five. Little Collins St Kitchen is the cafe where breakfast is served, and the selection is all decent without being overwhelming. There's an open kitchen where you can see the chefs cooking the hot food fresh, and then they add the fresh food onto the hot plates right from the kitchen. I was disappointed there were no hash browns (my fave), but they had waffles so that made up for it!

As well as hot food they also have two islands, one island full of yoghurts and cereal and fruit, and another full of pastries and breads etc. My favourite part of the whole breakfast though was the juices. The cafe has the cutest fridge ever full of incredibly cute mini glass bottles each filled with a single serving of juice. Each shelf has bottles of a different flavour, so you choose which flavour you want and then take the bottle to your table to refill your glass. I did get a photo but it's slightly blurry, sorry! You'll have to go and see it for yourself ;)

Cait and I were both so sad to leave the hotel, we were treated so well by the staff, had the loveliest stay, and I slept so well in those comfy beds! We really did love every second of our stay at Sheraton Melbourne Hotel, and I'll definitely be staying there whenever I go back to Melbs.

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  1. OMG, the first picture of the lap pool reminds so much of my building's swimming pool for residents that I already had a feeling that this was going to be a good review! I know exactly what you mean about the beds - I stayed at the Sheraton Zagreb recently and their Signature Sheraton Beds was the best sleep I'd had at that point in my Balkan road trip - I didn't want to leave! Your review just made me regret booking an AirBnB for my December Melbourne trip( (strict cancellation policy, sadly, otherwise I'd be all up in that pool come Christmas!)...x

    My Top 3 Travel Companions - Posh, Broke, & Bored

  2. No hash browns! No that's not great when you want one. This hotel is my kind of hotel, clean lines, roof tops bars and an amazing pool. xx


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