Monday, 18 September 2017

Say Hello...

When I first started Lux Life over six years ago, it was a personal blog about my crazy wild life in London and my travels around the world. As the blogging world has grown and evolved, I've felt the pressure to conform to the new type of content that's being created - ya know, all the fun stuff; lists, advice, tip posts, etc etc. I started writing this type of content very gradually, but over the past year or so feel it's been filling my little personal space a bit too much. And so, I've created a new project.

Say Hello to, Say Hello...

A new blog purely for my random thoughts and lists, what's new in London and Sydney, and anything cool I come across and want to share! The thing is, I LOVE sharing lists and advice and tips posts...I'm constantly thinking of new ideas for posts but I just feel like they don't 'fit' on Lux Life or with the brand of Lux Life.

And I miss being able to write more personal posts on Lux Life and writing my raw travel experiences. I feel so stuck between wanting to write advice and tips on the best places to go in a destination, but also wanting to share the actual stories from the journey. I've tried at times to mix the two, and feel it's just a little too confusing for readers and doesn't really work.

So, Say Hello will be the place I jump onto a few times a week to share 'what's new' posts, listicles, and the types of tips and advice posts I started posting on Lux Life. I'd also love to post advice posts for expats living between the UK and Australia! As someone who moved from England to Australia as a high school student, moved back to England for University and work, and then moved back to Australia nine years later...I'm in a pretty unique position of having been an expat/repatriate/expat/repatriate etc haha.

What About Lux Life?

Lux Life will go back to being about my raw experiences. It will share stories - the funny, the sad, the weird, and wonderful. It will still be filled with my usual reviews, dreamy destinations, and incredible restaurants and events...but the posts will be much more personal instead of 'the top places to visit in x' etc.

Anyway, I hope you'll join me over on Say Hello (and do follow on Bloglovin' and Twitter!) - it's a little lonely at the moment ;) it's still very much a work in progress and there are only a few posts on there currently, but I promise I'll be filling it with awesome content as soon as I can!

And I'd LOVE to know your thoughts on all this!

C x

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