Friday, 25 August 2017

Girl's Night Out at Charlie Berkeley Street, London.

As you all know I'm a huge fan of a good night out, and after my trip back home I think I need to update my Top 7 Luxury London Nightclubs, as Drama Park Lane and Charlie are now firmly on my 'favourites' list of London clubs! Set very close to Green Park station in the space that used to be Funky Buddha, Charlie Berkeley Street is effortlessly cool and very instagrammable with funky neon lights everywhere. On one of the Saturdays I was in town, the girls and I (and Sid) decided to check it out, and we all absolutely loved it!

As always I'm a creature of habit, and I always tend to go to my same regular favourites. Before I moved to Sydney last year Charlie and Drama were both on my list to go to, but I just didn't have time so prioritised them when I was visiting, and I'm SO glad I did!

The club is inspired by Charlie Chaplin (a British comic actor and film-maker), and while the main nightclub room is your typical club, there's a separate bar called the Haig Club Room, dedicated to Haig Club's single malt whisky. The bar feels a little like a traditional gentleman's club, with dark woods and Chesterfield style chairs. Another thing I loved was how nice all the stuff were, which is SO rare in nightclubs!

We spent the night throwing shapes on the dance floor to the epic tunes, and resting our weary feet at the table inbetween our fave songs. The vodka was flowing and we all had the best time! 

It was just so much fun being in a proper nightclub again. Sydney doesn't really have 'proper' nightclubs, and I've missed nights out like this SO badly! 

We all loved our night at Charlie Berkeley Street - definitely recommend it!

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