Monday, 26 June 2017

My Plan For My Visit Back Home.

With just two sleeps until I fly back to London, I thought I'd tell you all about my plans for when I'm back home! I'm flying back this Wednesday evening after work (with Emirates, I finally got my Silver membership back so am ecstatic for the extra baggage allowance!), and am SO excited to see my family and friends and be able to wander the streets of London and look up at the beautiful buildings and eat all of my favourite foods!

I'll be back for three weeks, and will be working in our London office while I'm there, so will have evenings and weekends to catch up with people. I land Thursday afternoon, and will just spend the afternoon sorting myself out at home and unpacking etc.

Mimi and I are probably gonna go for dinner my first evening back, we've been close friends since we were 13 and in secondary school together and I can't wait to catch up with her! She's been in previous blog posts, and we always have the BEST time together! She's one of those friends you can be completely yourself around and she loves you anyway, and we never stop laughing. Think proper big belly laughs we're you're double over laughing with tears rolling down your cheeks. 

I have Friday and the following Monday off work to recover from jetlag and sort myself out. On the Friday I have chores to do - things like going to the dentist, getting an eye test, going to the doctors to get all of my prescriptions (hello NHS prices instead of paying $40 per asthma inhaler!), getting my hair cut, and getting a manicure. Ok. Maybe those last two things aren't really chores...

I'm also really excited to just have a wander around Guildford and the high street, eat a Greggs sausage roll, get a Pret brownie, and go into M&S to get a bag of Percy Pigs. It's the small things you miss as an expat. I legit have a long list of super unhealthy food I want to eat while I'm back, haha!

Friday evening I'm going to the Caledonian Club Ceilidh. I'm super excited as the last time I went to the Caledonian Ceilidh was back in 2014! They're always heaps of fun - a great chance to dress up in black tie, eat some haggis, and have an hour or so of ceilidh dancing on the sprung dance-floor! Afterwards the girls and I are probs gonna go out clubbing or to a bar, so I'll require my old 'keep a change of clothes and shoes in the car' trick.

Then the following day is W-Day! Two of my friends are getting married after myself and another friend pushed them together a few years ago. You know when you know two people who are literally made for each other? Yeh, they are those people. They are quite literally each other in male and female form, and I'm so excited to see them get married!

I won't be blogging about the wedding as I really just want to enjoy the day with them, but I may post a pic of my outfits (yes, outfitS - the church service dress code is 'Royal Ascot' and then evening reception is black tie). I just have to see if I can actually fit into the dresses I've planned to wear, as I've gained a fair amount of weight since I last wore them :/

And then the following morning I'm driving up to North Wales for the night to see my Grandma, bestie, and god-daughter. I'll be driving home Monday evening, and my parents will be back from their holibobs! This means....DYLAN! Omg I am SO excited to force Dylan to cuddle me haha.

My parents have become quite the travellers lately and I've been trying to persuade my Dad to start a blog. In the past coupla months they did a three week roadtrip around Scotland, and a river cruise down the Danube from Budapest to Cologne! 

Anyway, the rest of my time in London will be spent dining out with friends, going on day trips with family, having nights out with friends, and attending the RAC Summer Ball! My travel buddy Claire and I are even going on a day trip to Paris one weekend. I've always wanted to go to Paris just for a day, so we're leaving early in the morning and coming home late at night. I've made a pretty epic itinerary for the day, so expect to see a blog post about our day trip when I'm back in Sydney ;)

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  1. Super excited to have you back!!

  2. Sounds like such a fun time! Enjoy!

    Ash |

  3. MoreThanDestination02/07/2017, 20:05

    Like father like daughter. It looks like traveling is in your blood :)

  4. Sounds like you have an amazing time planned! Right down to the sweets ;)


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