Friday, 9 June 2017

Dinner With a View at Aqua, Hong Kong.

Aqua in Hong Kong is the original flagship Aqua from the well-known restaurant group made famous in the UK from Aqua Nueva and Aqua Shard in London. The penthouse restaurant has sweeping views over Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbour. Located at One Peking, it's a truly incredible restaurant serving spectacular Italian and Japanese food.

After our epic day in Hong Kong, Jasiminne and I got changed at our hotel, W Hong Kong, and then got a taxi over to Aqua. We met my friend Kiran there, he's been on the blog quite a few times at various events etc, and he was in Hong Kong for a few days so met us for dinner and a night out.

As we were dining as guests of Aqua, we had the three-course media dinner. I'm usually not a big fan of set menus when reviewing a restaurant because it doesn't give you much leeway in choosing a variety of dishes between you all that you know you'll actually enjoy, especially if the menu consists of choices you wouldn't choose yourself due to personal tastes. However this one was pretty decent - the starters and dessert platter in particular! And the view was just breathtaking!

Photo by Jasiminne

For the starter we had the choice between a platter of sushi and sashimi, and burrata. Myself and Jasiminne chose the platter of sushi and sashimi, while Kiran chose the burrata. The sushi and sashimi was quite simply incredible. It tasted so fresh, and was just a really lovely break from all the heavy food I'd eaten the previous two weeks in Cambodia and Perth.

To be honest I was a little disappointed that two out of three of the main courses were Italian, and the only Japanese dish was salmon. As you all know, salmon is the one food I can't stomach along with beetroot. I was super excited to review Aqua purely for the Japanese food as that's what they're famous for, so I requested a Japanese fish dish other than salmon.

Unfortunately the only other fish dish they could offer for the media menu, was an Italian fish dish. Reluctantly I opted for it as I didn't feel like the heavy pasta or pork dishes, and although it was nice, it was a little bland and didn't blow me away.

Thankfully, Dessert really made up for the main course! By this time night had arrived and all the lights across the harbour were twinkling away. We were presented with a platter of four desserts; there was a creme brulee, a chocolate fondant, a tiramisu, and the most incredible lemon sorbet encased in some sort of delicious sweet pastry.

View from Aqua Hong Kong over Victoria Harbour

After dinner we paid Kiran's part of the bill and for our drinks, and the three of us headed off into the night to get the Star Ferry over to Hong Kong Island for our night out! You can read all about that in my 48 Hours in Hong Kong guide.

Aqua is a stunning restaurant, the atmosphere is awesome with a really sophisticated but trendy vibe, and that view is just insane! The staff were lovely, and kindly took plenty of photos for us. Despite the lackluster main course, the rest of the food was really delicious, and I would definitely return and pay to dine off the A La Carte menu purely so I can feast on more of that incredible sushi and sashimi again!



  1. Shame about the main course. I really loved Aqua in Hong Kong too and I'd really love to go back.

  2. I'm glad you liked it :) annoying re the set menu though... Aqua has so much yumminess to offer! Love AP xo

    Andrea's Passions


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