Friday, 2 June 2017

Dining at Felix at The Peninsula, Hong Kong.

With just 48 Hours in Hong Kong, Jasiminne and I were determined to explore the city's fine dining scene and really experience some of the luxurious dining options the city has to offer. Although we were staying at the stylish and contemporary W Hong Kong, we still wanted to experience a little bit of The Peninsula, Hong Kong's oldest and most famous hotel. We did this by dining at their restaurant, Felix.

On the top floor of The Peninsula, and with a view over the Harbour and Hong Kong Island, it's a pretty special location, with a pretty special experience to match. We were seated at a table right next to the window overlooking the jaw-dropping view, and after a glass of champagne we began our epic journey through each of the five dishes. However, naturally we began with the most delicious fresh bread rolls and salted butter.

We were testing out the set menu, which took inspiration from various Operas. We began with "Carmen - Toreador Song", which consisted of an incredible Beef carpaccio with tonka bean power, vegetable crudite and coulis, and frozen egg yolk. The presentation was flawless, and from our very first course we were suitable impressed.

Little did we know, the innovative presentation and delicious flavour-combinations would continue throughout the entire meal. Our next course was called "A Midsummer's Night Dream - Forest of Fairies", and was a beautiful dish of Iberico ham and mushroom consomme, crab crostini, and Iberico ham-wrapped langoustine. 

The restaurant itself was buzzing - absolutely packed with people, but with the best atmosphere. 

Each chair in the restaurant has a seat covering with the image of a notable staff member from The Peninsula, which is such a lovely touch!

The next following dish was my least favourite of the meal, but that was purely down to personal tastes - I'm not the biggest fan of pigeon, I find the flavour far too rich so I much prefer lighter poultry like Quail (although they're so adorable I haven't been able to eat any since I saw a photo of one!). The dish was called "The Queen of the Night Aria" and was Caramelised Pigeon with Duck Liver, an almond sponge, and black quinoa cereal.  

We then had the choice between a fish dish, or the lamb. "Fantome de l'Opera" was, as the name suggests, named after Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera. One of my favourite books, and favourite musicals too. If you're not a musical fan (or even if you are), I implore you to read the book! It is just brilliant. Anyway, both Jasiminne and myself decided to forgo the Phantom fish in favour of the lamb, and I'm so glad we did!

"Maria Callas" is named not after an opera, but a famous Greek Soprano. The Australian lamb loin with truffle sauce, mushroom duxelles, and puff pastry, was another great dish that impressed both of us.

And finally, my favourite course of every meal; dessert. As I write this I'm on a refined/processed sugar ban, and just looking at the photos is making me feel pangs of desire for ice-cream. The "Peach Melba" was the perfect end to such a rich meal. Now you may be wondering what a Peach Melba has to do with opera, but did you know that the Peach Melba was actually created for famous Australian Soprano Nellie Melba at The Savoy in London?

While performing in Wagner's Opera Lohengrin in Covent Garden, there was a dinner party held at The Savoy to celebrate her performance, and French Chef Auguste Escoffier created the dessert especially for Nellie and the occasion. 

We stayed a little while and caught up over the petit fours - dainty macarons and little pastries.

We left feeling full and satisfied, and considering I'd been in Hong Kong for barely a few hours, it was an excellent welcome to the city I had last visited almost ten years ago when I was just seventeen years old. Felix was impressive, and there's no doubt it lives up to its reputation as one of the best restaurants in the city. Also the portion sizes were decent, which made a nice change from usual fine-dining restaurants. 

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*Our meal was complimentary, all views are my own


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  1. There really are some incredible restaurants in Hong Kong.


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