Friday, 16 June 2017

Comfort Food Dining at Blacksmith Cafe, Sydney.

Blacksmith Cafe is easily one of my favourite cafes in Sydney. Located in Surry Hills right opposite Prince Alfred Park and Central Station, it's also super close to my office so great to pop in for takeaway or dine in. They serve proper comfort food perfect for these freezing cold winter months, and the cafe itself is super on-trend, with an industrial vibe - think rustic woods, copper and brass, but with softer touches like hanging plants everywhere to break up the harsh metals and wood. The food is just incredible, so I had to tell you guys about it!

Blacksmith Cafe Surry Hills Sydney

I don't tend to take my camera to work with me, so you'll have to put up with phone pics (soz). When Jasiminne was in town she was leaving early Friday evening, so we met for lunch and I *knew* she would adore Blacksmith just as much as I do. 

Jasiminne chose The Big Blacksmith, which consists of eggs, bacon, grilled chorizo, mushrooms, tomato, baked beans, hash brown, and sourdough toast. Oh my days it was a total feast, and I defo got a bit of food envy (who wouldn't)! 

I chose a delicious concoction of hash browns with a pea smash, two poached eggs, watercress, and hollandaise sauce. It was INCREDIBLE. So incredible you guys!!! The flavours were out of this world and the entire dish just tasted so delish. 

Their all-day breakfast (until 2:30pm) is my fave thing because it means you can have brunch dishes even at lunchtime. Is it just me who thinks all-day breakfasts are the best!? Pretty sure it's most people's fave thing!

After brunch/lunch there's a variety of delish cakes, muffins, cookies etc to choose from to take back to the office for an afternoon snack! I'm on a no sugar month this month, but as soon as it ends on 28th June I'm going straight to Blacksmith to get one of their amaze muffins! 

Whether you live in Sydney or are just visiting, Blacksmith is one of my top cafe recommendations. It's just one of those 'must visit' cafes that really provides the very best Australian cafe experience - especially in the cooler months when you need some comfort food! 

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  1. Ooh delicious!! And your phone pics came out really well!

  2. I love the interior, it looks so cool! Also your food looks absolutely incredible x

    Abi | abistreetx

  3. Oh my gooooood I can practically taste the Big Blacksmith (that sounded so naughty) from these photos. That was an epic send-off brunch! x

    Prague, Czech Republic: La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise - Posh, Broke, & Bored

  4. This is utterly, wonderfully brunch heaven right here!

  5. Thanks Angie! Thank goodness for good lighting eh ;)

  6. It's definitely one of my faves! x

  7. As soon as I get back to Sydney I'm going back there haha!

  8. Tell me about it - sooo yum! x


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