Friday, 23 June 2017

15 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Budapest.

Budapest is still one of my favourite countries that I've visited. I went there with no expectations, I knew nothing about the country, and it was a bit of a spontaneous trip with my friend Bella after we won flights in a competition. We read a Lonely Planet guide on the flight there, and when we arrived we were shocked by how both of us fell in love with the city. If you've read my Budapest posts you may have already seen some of these photos, but I hope they'll inspire you to nudge Budapest to the very top of your travel bucket list!

15 Reasons to Visit Budapest in Hungary

So without further ado...

15 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Budapest!

1. This View From Fisherman's Bastion

2. This View Of Fisherman's Bastion

3. The Gothic Houses of Parliament

4. The Stunning Szechenyi Thermal Baths

5. The Pretty Buildings On the Buda Side

6. St Stephen's Basilica

7. The Insanely Delish Cake at Cafe Gerbaud

8. Budapest Chain Bridge

9. The Amazing & Super Fun Ruin Bars With Cheap Cocktails

10. The View From St Stephen's Basilica Dome

11. The First Statue After The Fall of The Soviet Union

12. The Inside of the Szechenyi Thermal Baths

13. The Inside of the New York Cafe

14. The Incredible Roof And Inside of St Mattius Church

15. Budapest Chain Bridge at Night



PIN FOR LATER: 15 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Budapest in Hungary! This beautiful old European city has seen so much history, from the Ottoman Empire, the Habsburgs, the Soviet Union, and finally independence! Budapest is beautiful, with so much to see and do in a long weekend.

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  1. Eeeek I'm going next month with mum and I can't wait!!

  2. SHE IN THE KNOW02/08/2017, 23:18

    I'm desperate to go travelling next year, and budapest is most definitely at the top of my list! x


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