Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Seaside Seafood at Coogee Pavilion, Sydney.

Today I wanted to tell you all about another of my favourite restaurants in Sydney. I have quite a few favourites now, and I'm gradually getting around to tell you all about them! Coogee Pavilion is quite a way from where I live and work, but I think it's so worth the 50minute journey. The restaurant is directly on Coogee beach (so in the daytime you have views over the beach and ocean), and the seafood there is just exceptionally good.

Octopus at Coogee Pavilion Sydney

As I've said previously, I'm completely obsessed by the Merivale group, every bar and restaurant I've been to so far by them I've absolutely loved! Coogee Pavilion is one of their restaurants, and once again they absolutely nail it. The interior is perfect for the seaside location, with beach-chic the main theme. Think light wood tables, pastel colours, and enamel bowls. The cocktail list is fantastic - everything is fruity and light. And the food? Well, think pizzas, salads, seafood, and other grilled delights.

Just like Mr Wong, Jasiminne and I were on a mission to stop ourselves from over-eating and wasting food. So we were strict and ordered...

Kingfish, with black fungus, Szechuan-ginger vinegar, cucumber ($21). This has quite a kick to it and the ginger vinegar is quite a strong flavour for the Kingfish, but it somehow works and I really enjoyed it!

Crystal Bay prawn and scallop ceviche, sour mango, papaya, red chill with tamarind - lime dressing ($23). I didn't try these, and I forgot to take a photo, but Jasiminne absolutely raved about this dish!

Grilled octopus, white almond and garlic tarator, bitter orange, bronze fennel, sweet paprika ($27). Oh my days the grilled octopus was delish. It was a surprisingly chunky octopus and despite the relatively high price-tag for quite a small plate, I felt it was more than worth it.

And my absolute favourite, Summer tomato and watermelon salad with burrata, vincotto and basil ($23). You have to get this if you enjoy light and refreshing dishes!

Oh, we also got fries but I forgot to take a photo of them. They're amazing fries though and the aioli is just the best!

Every dish was delicious and I wanted to eat it all again once we'd finished! The salad is definitely my favourite though, I just adore the combination of the buratta with tomato and watermelon. 

To drink we both had a non-alcoholic Cravado, which was a concoction of Lychee, Mint, and Coconut water. It was super refreshing, but a little too icy and more like a slushy drink than a cocktail/mocktail!

Coogee Pavilion probably isn't worth visiting if you're only in Sydney for a coupla days as it's so far out from the city, but I really wanted Jasiminne to experience it despite her short time frame as I knew she'd love the aesthetic and light menu options! There's also a great rooftop that's brilliant on the weekends, but sadly we didn't bother going up there because it was pitch black outside by the time we got to the restaurant at 7pm. 

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  1. Ahaha I'm having flashbacks of us desperately scooping out our 'slushies' with spoons! I was actually tempted to do the Bondi to Coogee walk and just meet you at Coogee Pavillion, and I would have if I wasn't wearing new shoes - that would've definitely freed up more room for food...x

    Sydney, Australia: Bondi Beach, fine dining at Bondi Icebergs Club, and Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk - Posh, Broke, & Bored

  2. betina Bressel Jensen24/05/2017, 20:52

    Do you by any chance know what kind of spice the Pavilion puts on the Summer tomato and Watermelon salad? I cannot forget this salad either, so goooood! So I tried to make it myself but can't get it right, maybe because I do not know the spice that they decorate with...


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