Monday, 24 April 2017

My Top 5 Favourite Dubai Memories.

I can't quite believe that it's been six months since my trip to Dubai, the time has just flown by! I'm potentially going back again in July for a coupla nights (yep, it's gonna be sweltering), and have been thinking back over my last trip. I have so many awesome memories that I thought I'd put them all down in a blog post!

My blog posts about Dubai weren't as personal as my travel posts usually are, so I guess this is my way to share some of the memories that didn't make it into my other posts.

1. That night in Mahiki

After a day at Zero Gravitiy beach club, Nigel and I went back to his apartment as Laura had arrived! She literally walked through the door after flying from London and we were like 'Get changed we're going out'. We went to Mahiki and things got a liiiiiittle wild. 

Some guy who was apparently someone important was there, flanked by HUGE body guards. It was all a bit dodgy, but Nigel told me to stay away from the guy and then went to get drinks. Laura decided to go and dance in front of said guy, and all of a sudden she was dancing with him and he was getting a bit creepy and grabby. Nigel came back and I pointed to the situation, so he goes over and tried to get her away from him. Eventually he persuaded the bodyguards to let him remove Laura from the clutches of this supposedly important guy, and we were then asked to leave the club. Awks.

2. When Nige and I went to the mall and bought everything

So on my first day in Dubai Nigel and I went to the mall as he had to stock up on a few things. 'A few things' was about 10x candles from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and then in the supermarket he bought about five of everything...from toothpaste, to body wash, to shampoo, to washing power, dishwasher tablets. EVERYTHING. His excuse was 'it means I don't have to go shopping for another six months'. 

3. Spontaneity that ended in a wild boat party  

I was desperate to go to a boat party while I was in Dubai, but the only one happening was on the Friday I was still in Oman. My flight landed back in Dubai at 2pm, but we had to be on the boat by 1pm. Nigel being Nigel went on and on and on until I finally looked up changing my flight. 

I didn't bother looking earlier because I assumed it would be the same as other airlines where you can't change a flight time without a huge fee...but when I looked into it, it turned out the airline I was flying with (Oman Air) allow you to change it for free!!! Within 10 minutes I had changed my flight to depart Muscat a couple of hours earlier on the Friday, and at 1pm on the dot we were on that boat.

I had the most epic time partying with all of Nige's expat friends I'd met the weekend before, and the view from the boat over the Dubai Marina area was just insaaaane! Can you spot me hiding in the back of the above photo?!

4. A day on Zaya Nurai Island

I'd never heard of Zaya Nurai until Nigel mentioned it, and obviously me being me was like 'Ok well lets go then'. Unfortunately Laura couldn't come as her flight was early in the morning on the only day we could go, so it was me, Nige, and Gohei. We had a great day relaxing on the luxury island and the hilarious moment when it took me ages to get onto an ocean swing due to my poor upper body strength! 

5. The bars and restaurants

As I'm sure you'll know from my Top 7 Nightclubs and Bars in Dubai post, I really loved the bars, clubs, and restaurants in Dubai, and I visited quite a few of them! In five nights in Dubai we managed to visit; Zero Gravity (bar/club), Mahiki (club), Shades (bar), Atmosphere (restaurant and bar), 101 (bar), Jetty Lounge (bar), Uptown (bar), Mercury Lounge (bar), Coya (bar), Provocateur (club), Hakkasan (restaurant), Zuma (bar and restaurant). All of them were AMAZING (although I probably wouldn't bother going back to Uptown, that was a bit of a let down).

Check out my Dubai Vlog below, and make sure you subscribe - my Doha and Oman vlogs will be going live over the next few weeks! 

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  1. OMG! You had so much fun!! I didn't even know there was a Mahiki and I wish we'd had time to do a boat party!

  2. It was SO epic! The Mahiki there was amazing - even better than the London one!!

    C x


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