Friday, 28 April 2017

Autumn Bondi Beach Days.

Through most of the summer here in Sydney it poured with rain every day and was humid and horrid. And then at the beginning of April, just as autumn arrived, the sun came out and we had a couple of weeks with glorious blue skies and 27 degrees. Luckily one of those weekends was when Andrea was visiting, so we made a day of it and had brunch at Trio, and then went to the beach for a couple of hours of sunbathing!

For brunch I went for the unhealthy option and chose the cinnamon & vanilla scented french toast made on brioche served with raspberry & apple compote & 100% canadian maple syrup, while Andrea chose the slightly more healthy corn fritters with warm smoky tomato chutney, bacon, goat cheese & roquette.

We both loved our dishes, but Trio gets super busy so make sure you book in advance or be prepared for a 30min wait! We then headed down to the beach; I always choose to go to the end nearest Bondi Icebergs, or towards the middle of the beach. The north end is always waaaay more busy! 

You may have noticed that despite living in Australia for six months, throughout the spring and summer, I am still just as pale as when I left London. The thing is, I use Factor 50 sunscreen, and I try to cover up as much as possible. Even when I'm on the beach I'll put my shirt or dress over my head and face to cover my skin. 

If you're new here you may not have seen this post, where I explain my fear of getting sunburnt. When I was 17 my aunty passed away from skin cancer, and my mum was diagnosed with melanoma a few years ago. Luckily she's ok as she had a large area of her upper arm removed to get rid of the melanoma. But as my mum has had it, I now have a much higher risk of getting it too. Hence why I always use a high factor sunscreen, cover my face and head (my hairline often gets burnt), and try and limit my exposure to an hour on the beach. 

The fear of sunburn doesn't stop me from enjoying the beach though, I absolutely love it and it's definitely my 'happy place'! As long as I cover myself in factor 50 I'm all good and love to spend an hour on the beach with a good book.

After our afternoon on the beach Andrea and I got the bus back to mine, showered and changed, and headed out for a night in the city! I took her to The Barber Shop and Big Poppa's (you're probably fed up of me talking about these two by now), and we had such an epic night!!!

We ended in Mr Crackles at 3am, and then got home and watched Clueless while eating our delish crispy pork belly rolls! 

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  1. Awww you guys! I love the look of that French toast! Aussie brunches are the best!!!
    My mom's the same, she's always reminding me to splash on the SPF as she's a bit para about skin ailments. Luckily your mom's okay now! x

  2. Wow, you're so lucky to live near that beautiful beach. I'm dying to visit Australia!


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