Friday, 28 April 2017

Autumn Bondi Beach Days.

Through most of the summer here in Sydney it poured with rain every day and was humid and horrid. And then at the beginning of April, just as autumn arrived, the sun came out and we had a couple of weeks with glorious blue skies and 27 degrees. Luckily one of those weekends was when Andrea was visiting, so we made a day of it and had brunch at Trio, and then went to the beach for a couple of hours of sunbathing!


Monday, 24 April 2017

My Top 5 Favourite Dubai Memories.

I can't quite believe that it's been six months since my trip to Dubai, the time has just flown by! I'm potentially going back again in July for a coupla nights (yep, it's gonna be sweltering), and have been thinking back over my last trip. I have so many awesome memories that I thought I'd put them all down in a blog post!


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Seaside Seafood at Coogee Pavilion, Sydney.

Today I wanted to tell you all about another of my favourite restaurants in Sydney. I have quite a few favourites now, and I'm gradually getting around to tell you all about them! Coogee Pavilion is quite a way from where I live and work, but I think it's so worth the 50minute journey. The restaurant is directly on Coogee beach (so in the daytime you have views over the beach and ocean), and the seafood there is just exceptionally good.

Octopus at Coogee Pavilion Sydney


Friday, 14 April 2017

Girls Night at The Carter, Sydney.

The Carter is a Beyonce and JayZ themed bar in Sydney's CBD. It's had a lot of press over here ever since it opened last month, so when Laura invited me to join her and a few friends for dinner and drinks there, I obviously said yes! Also Laura is awesome and ever since our Dubai adventures I'm always up for a night out with her. We tested a variety of The Carter's offerings, including the Kimye cocktail, the Notorious fries, and The Carter chicken wings. Then we descended down into the hip-hop club beneath the restaurant for some serious dancing...

Interior of The Carter in Sydney, a Beyonce and Jayz themed bar and club


Monday, 10 April 2017

Things I Took for Granted Living in the UK.

It's been six months since I moved back to Australia, and as someone who was born and grew up in England (with a short stint in Australia aged 16 & 17), I never really realized just how good we have it over there until I moved here as an adult. The United Kingdom is a pretty special place. Don't get me wrong, I love Sydney and Australia and am SO happy I'm living here now, but there are a few things I definitely took for granted before that I thought I'd share with you...


Friday, 7 April 2017

Cantonese in the City at Mr Wong, Sydney.

With Jasiminne in Sydney, I wanted to take her to some of my favourite restaurants. One of those is Mr Wong, a modern Cantonese restaurant near Circular Quay that has been one of Sydney's most popular restaurants since it opened back in 2012.

Mr Wong is part of the Merivale Group, which is a little like D&D in London. They have a whole host of epic restaurants and bars, and I'm a little bit in love with every single on that I've been to so far. As in, most of my monthly salary goes to these restaurants and bars (especially as I live round the corner from three of them).

Dim sum at Cantonese restaurant Mr Wong in Sydney


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Lux Life's March 2017.

March was a little less hectic than January and February, I started an intense health-kick (and have only lost 3kg, fml), which meant I was cutting down on alcohol, sugar, and going out. I did however, mange to go to a music and wine festival in the Hunter Valley, have a couple of crazy nights out, and then at the end of the month Andrea arrived (and is still here)!

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