Friday, 10 March 2017

Things I'm Loving Right Now.

It's been a while since I did a chatty post and just gave you an update and told you all about things I'm currently loving! So here we go. It's a bit of a mashup of different things, random things that have popped up over the past month or two, from restaurants to homewares and TV shows...

Video Calls With Friends Back Home

I speak to my parents a couple of times a week, but every so often I just feel the need to hear and see my friends back home, so I pick up the phone and video call them using Whatsapp. It's amazing because it's free (helloooo unlimited wifi), and I always have such good catch ups with people back home. A few weeks ago I called the girls while they were all out, and I got to speak to each of them for a few minutes which was hilarious and amazing! 

Then the other week I got super drunk with friends and when I got home called Adam then Jasiminne, and speaking to and actually seeing two of my closest made me so happy! With the time difference though Adam was at work so he had to sneak into a meeting room to then listen to me drunkenly rambling on about my night out haha. Luckily Jasiminne was at home, so I gave her a house tour to show her where she'll be staying when she comes to visit me next month! Video calling still blows my mind, and makes living abroad so much easier!

Married at First Sight

Omg, this TV show is addictive! At first I thought it was totally crazy, but then I kept watching it, and now I feel like I'm so invested in the couples haha. Any others out there in Australia - is it just me or does anyone else want Nadia to GTFO of that marriage to Anthony?! He comes across as such a d***. And I want Michelle and Jesse to work out so badly! 


So I'm on a healthy kick at the moment, and I'd forgotten how much I love making juices to drink before I leave for work in the morning, and smoothies for an after-dinner treat. I'm currently on a no-sugar ban, where I'm only allowing myself proper sugar (so from fruit and fresh foods), and the evening smoothie has been such a saviour for me as I have such a sweet tooth! My faves are;

Morning Juice - spinach, carrot, cucumber, apple, fresh ginger, mint, and water.
Evening smoothie - frozen berries, banana, unsweetened almond milk

So simple, but soooo good!

Merivale Group

Ok, so if you don't live in Sydney or haven't visited Sydney in the past few years, you'll probably have no clue what Merivale is. I've become a little obsessed with it. It's a restaurant group very similar to D&D in London, and they have a portfolio of amazing bars and restaurants! So far I've been to - and loved, and spent way too much money at - The Paddington, Coogee Pavillion, The Beresford, Mr Wong, and Establishment. Considering I've only been in Sydney 2.5 months, I think I'm doing pretty good at getting through them all haha! 

Travel Planning

After a few months of not really travelling (apart from my 48 hours in Melbourne) in order to settle into my new life in Sydney, I'm finally starting to travel again! Next month I'll be going back to Perth for a week, and then heading to Singapore, Cambodia, and Hong Kong. I'm super excited, especially as I'll be meeting up with a couple of friends from back home! You can read about my upcoming Asia Itinerary here.

My Bed

When I moved to Sydney I was desperate to create my own little haven, and have my very own 'hotel bed' at home. I splashed out on really good quality Egyptian Cotton sheets from David Jones, and a gorgeous feather duvet and pillows. My bed is amazing and I look forward to getting into it every night, but unfortunately it turns out I'm allergic to feathers and I kept waking up with a blocked nose. So I had to switch them around, and for the past week I've been using a wool duvet and wool pillows. It's amazing the difference they've made, and I can't wait to share a bigger post on this soon! 

Decor A List

I'm currently living in the most beautiful house in Paddington with my lovely housemate Joe, and although the rent in Sydney is higher than London, it's so worth it! The house is amazing and Joe has the best interior design skills, so it looks like a show home. I love interiors, and I've become a little obsessed with searching for any new amazing interiors we can add in. I recently came across Decor A List, and am obsessed with so many things on this site that I need to share them! My faves are the Palm Beach Lamp and gorgeous Navy Herringbone Throw!

Overnight Oats

HOW has it taken me so long to discover overnight oats!? I've been hearing about them for years, and have only just tried making them and I'm now obsessed. Oats, chia seeds, banana, berries, and almond milk. AMAZING. So amazing. And so easy to take to work with me!

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  1. Love a leaf print atm, that lamp is gorgeous! xx

  2. So glad all is going well! And thank god for video calling!!


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