Friday, 17 March 2017

A Tour of My New Bedroom & Making it Allergy Proof.

I've finally got my new bedroom in Sydney reasonably presentable. Because the length of my stay here in Sydney is still undecided, I didn't want to splash out on really expensive furnishings and gorgeous homewares, only for me to go back to London 6-12 months later if things don't work out as planned, and have to either ship it all back or get rid of it all. So most of the things in my room are from Ikea and Kmart, however one thing I did splash out on though is my bedding, and making sure my bedroom is allergy proof to prevent my eczema and asthma flaring up.

I purchased my dream bedding (aka, hotel style bedding) from Private Collection at David Jones, which is the equivalent of John Lewis in the UK. Real Egyptian Cotton sheets and duvet cover, 300 thread count (apparently the optimum thread count is between 250-400, anything over 400 makes no difference), with the duvet cover having a gorgeous sateen finish. My aunty sent me a super cute elephant cushion cover as I adore elephants, and I'm on the hunt for two dusky pink cushion covers to go with it.

At first I just bought a feather and down duvet and pillows from Kmart, but pretty soon I started waking up with a blocked stuffy nose, and I realized I was probably allergic to the feathers (no wonder my mum stopped letting me have feather bedding when I was a kid). For those of you who are new here, I'm also allergic to mould, and mould and dust aggravates my asthma quite severely. So those needed to go, and be replaced. Enter, the Wool Room. Based in the UK and with the Allergy UK Seal of Approval, they ship worldwide, and they specialize in wool bedding.

The reason wool bedding is so good for allergy sufferers, is that wool fibres absorb and desorb moisture whenever necessary (this is usually to keep the sheep dry and healthy when the wool is on the sheep). The dry environment created by the wool fibres inhibits bacteria, fungus and dust mites, amongst other things, which makes it perfect for asthma sufferers and those allergic to dust mite proteins! If you have a normal non-wool duvet or pillow, you'll have on average 10million dust mites living in it...ew. So, so ew. 

It's also perfect for climates like we have here in Australia, as wool regulates your temperature and allows the bedding to breathe, rather than trapping all the heat in and making you wake up in a hot sweat. Before I got my wool bedding I couldn't bear to sleep with my duvet over me, and I would only sleep with a sheet because I'd get too hot. Now I curl up in my nice soft duvet and don't wake up a sweaty gross mess! (also top tip, and sorry for the TMI, but you'd be surprised just how much it helps to sleep naked or just in your underwear, rather than in restrictive PJs). 

I have the Deluxe Wool Bedding set, which includes a wool duvet, wool mattress protector, and two wool pillows, and I absolutely love it!

Sydney being Sydney, and living in one of the traditional old townhouses in Paddington, the bedrooms are pretty small. This meant I had to be smart with storage. I have a small built in wardrobe, so I just bought a bed, chest of drawers, and desk/dressing table from Ikea. I really just wanted the basics to get me started. I also have under-bed storage for things like towels, PJs, and spare bedding etc. 

My dressing table is pretty much covered in all my makeup and skincare products...I bought a makeup organizer from Kmart for about $6 to keep all my nail polishes and lipsticks tidy, and a copper makeup mirror for $5. I'm also keeping my Slim Aarons print resting against the wall until I find a frame that's big enough to fit it.

My chest of drawers is where I keep my books, jewellery, and my fave Glasshouse Fragrance diffuser! My glass jewellery box was just $10 from Kmart, which is crazy because I keep seeing the exact same one for like $50 in the likes of Zara Home and H&M Home! 

On the walls I have a couple of multi-photo frames with photos of my loved ones back home, and a painting of a coca cola bottle that my best friend painted for me when I moved to Australia the first time in 2007 - it goes everywhere with me! I've collected limited edition coca-cola bottles from around the world since I was 14 (sad, I know), and I used to literally be obsessed with the coca-cola brand, hence she painted me a coca-cola bottle haha. 

My bedroom is much smaller than my one back in the UK, but it's super cute and I'm gradually making it feel more and more homey. It's my little sanctuary, and I actually really look forward to going to bed now and curling up in my gorgeous bedding! Now, I just need to get a bedside table and lamp, and a frame for my Slim Aarons... 

*I was sent my wool bedding to review, however all annoying allergies are my own and the wool bedding really has helped!


  1. Ooh, I'm a sucker for bedroom tours! This looks so airy, bright and comfy, Catherine! I, too, love sleeping on good sheets. It's so important! We buy ours from John Lewis and the White Company, although I recently got a set from Secret Linen Store that I'm excited to try.

  2. I love the look of your room, it's so bright! Also, I love great sheets. There's nothing quite like wrapping yourself in super comforting sheets after a long day! I love indulging in them!

    I can't wait til your room absolutely feels 100% your sanctuary hun!

  3. Yessss my hotel room in Sydney! Of course I recognised your dressing table right away as the Vittsjo, being the IKEA obsessive that I am! I've got mild allergies (I'm also ALL about sleeping naked but for decency's sake I'll put on my Simpsons pyjamas for you) but feather and down doesn't bother me although I have to use anti-allergy covers. Quite curious to see if your wool bedding helps with my morning sniffles! x

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