Tuesday, 21 March 2017

15 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Cuba.

This time three years ago I was planning my trip to Cuba. I'd been wanting to visit for over ten years, and I managed to persuade my friends Ciara and Jasiminne to come with me back in 2014. Within weeks of first discussing it, all of a sudden our flights and hotels were booked, and a few months later we were on our way! We had the most incredible ten days in Cuba with four nights in Havana and five nights in Cayo Largo Del Sur, so I thought I would take you through 15 of my favourite photos, that will make you want to visit Cuba too!

From one of the world's best beaches, to the classic cars, and interesting nightlife, Cuba has something for everyone! So without further ado...

15 Photos That Will make You Want to Visit Cuba!

1. The Cars, Oh The Cars 

2. The Colourful 'Old Havana' Architecture

3. The Incredibly Cheap Cocktails

4. The Interesting Nightlife Which Involves Music & Art 

5. The Stunning Palacio de los Capitanes Generales

6. Everything in Cuba is Super Cheap, Even The Classic Car Rides

7. The Tropicana Club, Touristy and Overpriced, but Amazing

8. Watersports at One of The Best Beaches in the World

9. Salsa Bands and Dancing Everywhere You Go

10. The Gothic Architecture of San Cristobal Cathedral

11. Delicious Food in Paladar Los Mercaderes

12. The Crystal Clear Ocean and Soft White Sands

13. Pretty Green Parks All Over Havana

14. Classic Cars On Every Street - Seeing Them Never Gets Old

15. The Friendly Locals Fascinated by Life Outside of Cuba

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PIN FOR LATER: 15 photos that will make you want to visit Cuba! If you've been thinking of booking a vacation to Havana, this post may just persuade you how amazing Cuba is!

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  1. Lucie Colomb22/03/2017, 21:06

    wow the pictures are so gorgeous !!


  2. Cuba is so high on my 2017 travel wish-list that I really need to make it happen before everything happens! The cars look amazing and I keep seeing lots of amazing instagram posts on all the incredible looking beaches out there. This post has definitely made me want to visit NOW!! xx

  3. I so so so want to go to Cuba - got so close and then the trip fell through because of visa issues. Still dying to get there and your photos are making me want to all the more!

  4. Victoria Brewood30/03/2017, 01:26

    Those pictures look fab! I've always loved how colourful the cars are there, will definitely have to pay a visit sooner rather than later.




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