Wednesday, 1 February 2017

7 Travel Outtakes - What Didn't Make The Blog.

Usually every photo on my blog and Instagram is carefully curated. But today I'm taking you behind the scenes to show you some pretty hilarious outtakes from over the years. I'm one of those people who suffers from both 'resting bitch face' and 'overly expressive face', I either have one or the other on at all times. Sometimes these are caught on camera. My camera settings are always set to burst mode, so when friends are taking photos, quite often these moments get caught on camera which results in much laughter when we go through them later on. So without further ado...

1. The Paradise Island Fail

When I was visiting Dubai back in September 2016, Nigel, Gohei and I headed to Abu Dhabi for a day trip to Zaya Nurai Island, a private island paradise. It was incredible, and looked like a Pinterest board of beautifully hand-picked and designed pieces had been thrown out of a plane and just happened to land on this one island. The island included one of those dreamy ocean swings...but what happened behind that Insta-worthy photo? I couldn't get on the damn thing.

It took forever, and ever. And ever. Both Nigel and Gohei tried to help me on and it just wasn't happening. I have no upper body strength and couldn't pull myself onto it as the water was too deep, so I was kicking up and couldn't 'jump' as I had no ground or seabed to jump off. Nigel took this photo, and also managed to capture a pretty hilarious video of part of the scene, which you can watch in this post (scroll down towards the end of the post).

2. The Hot Chocolate Spill

Back in October 2015 I went on a girls trip to Paris with three close friends. Bless them, they were very patient with me and one morning when we were sat in a cafe I asked Catherine #2 to take a photo of me drinking Hot Chocolate. Straight after the photo was taken I ended up spilling the hot chocolate! Cue much laughter from the girls. 

3. The New York Frustration

There are many things that are frustrating about a big city, one of the main things being other people. I'm not very good with big crowds, but I don't let this stop me from doing anything or going anywhere. I just vent my frustrations through my facial expressions. There were a few classic ones in NYC that Anna managed to capture, but these two are my favourites...

4. The Sand Dune Fall

When I went to Doha in October 2016, Nigel and I did a half-day sand dune excursion in the Qatari desert. I wanted a classic 'walking into the distance' shot...Nigel managed to get the perfect shot...and he also got an extra one, of me falling up the dune. 

5. When I Was Unimpressed With my Mum 

My mum is the best. She's always up for a photo. When we were in San Francisco back in 2012 we were on the ferry to Alcatraz, and my Dad took a photo of my mum. Despite it being about 10 degrees with gale force winds, Mum put on a big smiling happy face, and face tells you exactly how I felt about her feigning happiness when it was freezing cold and windy in July... 

6. The Windy Desert

We were driving through the Utah desert and suddenly realised this huge incredible vista was in-front of us, I jumped out the car so my parents could take a photo of me...and...well...the wind was so strong it whipped my top up around my neck, flashing everyone, and it was so strong it literally pushed me backwards!

7. The Crowds at Galleria Vittoria

Yet another classic example of my frustration at dare people be in the same place as me when I'm trying to get a photo, tch. I joke of course. I'm fully aware of the fact that everyone deserves to be somewhere and have their time there, which is why I wait patiently for an opening and just make faces at my friend in the meantime ;) Jasiminne captured this one when we went to Milan...

And a bonus? That time I went skiing and not only did my feet fall through an iced-over lake, but I fell off a ski lift trying to get off and then rolled down a hill in-front of a whole heap of people, and the ONE time I fell over while skiing the entire trip, was when the instructor was filming me...

Tell me, what are some outtakes that have happened behind the scenes of social media for you?

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  1. I love your expressive face - this to me says so much more Than the "travel blogger" photos. I probably appreciate more because we rarely get those beautiful staged pics that seem to come easy to everyone else!

    Well done for getting on the swing btw - sure I would never have made it! #travellinkup

  2. This is actually hilarious! Amazing post 😂 my favourite travel link up so far.

  3. Kristy Barber01/02/2017, 10:16

    I love this post! Number 7 is me in a nutshell, always waiting for tourists to move out the way haha

    Kristy |

  4. Hahahah yes!! I defo have a few similar ones grimacing crowds. Seriously, how dare they think they can look at this monument whilst I'm trying to take a blog photo. For shame.

  5. Brilliant! Some great photos (your resting bitch face/unimpressed face is epic), they all made me smile and brightened my day! #BloggerProblems...

  6. Love the Milan photo bomb! I had an epic fail trying to get on top of a swan inflatable in Mexico recently, sadly I don't think Paul got any pics of it

  7. Haha, this was a brilliant idea for a post!

  8. I love these behind the scenes pictures and #notsoluxlife moments!

  9. Great post, thanks for the laughs - I'm loving this month's #travellinkup it's so much fun! I also get people rage - I'm glad Im not alone lol!

  10. I love this! So pleased to know its not just me who pulls those faces when people are in my way and my photos arent coming out right hahah

  11. I love those Instagram/Behind the Scenes shots! Totally with you on getting frustrated in crowds and I'm pretty sure I could find pictures of me like that somewhere :D

  12. I giggled all the way through this post! Can totally relate to the ocean swing too...

  13. I loved this! Such hilarious outtakes - so glad you didn't delete them like I've done in the past!

  14. I love the faces you make in crowds. I do the same!

  15. sally higgins03/02/2017, 05:54

    Agree with JayneyTravels - so glad you didn't delete these photos, they are so human! Love the one faling up the sand dune.

  16. Oh my God the "Paradise Island Fail" - I'M CREASING! Ahhh do you remember that unreasonably b*tchy woman at Disneyland Orlando? Who, when we asked her politely if we could just have one second to take a photo, insisted on parking the back of her head AN INCH FROM MY NOSE then retorted "This is Disneyland, get over it!". Um lady, who spat on your churros?! x

    Bucharest, Romania: Lost Footage from Caru' cu Bere - Posh, Broke, & Bored

  17. Ahh this was hilarious! (Sorry) Good to see it's not just me who messes up when travelling.

    Also, shout-out from a fellow person who has no upper body strength. ;)

  18. Travel w/ Penelope&Parker06/02/2017, 14:51

    There should be little steps in the water to help you get onto that seat easily!

  19. Your facial expression are priceless! Love it!

  20. These are hilarious - love the sand dune shots and I would never have wriggled on to the swing rither

  21. Yes!!! That would be amazing haha!

  22. Hahahaaaa, it was too funny. Every time I think of it I laugh! And omg YES. She was cray cray. Like calm down!

    C x

  23. Hehe thanks Jayne! I keep every single photo, I'm a bit of a photo hoarder haha!

  24. This post is both hilarious and real!! I’m such a perfectionist and I really don’t like being in front of the camera so I want my shots down quickly! It never ever goes to plan!


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