Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Day Trip to Rottnest Island.

As you'll know from previous posts on Rottnest Island, it's one of my favourite places. I first went when I was seven years old, and it's been a huge part of my life. So many memories have been made there; with friends, family, and even an ex-boyfriend. I've visited in Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, and have only been one time when it's rained and been miserable the whole time. But whatever the weather, it always looks breathtakingly beautiful. It's a little slice of paradise, just off the coast of Western Australia. And so I figured it was time for me to return and have a little day trip to Rottnest Island.

It's only a 30-minute ferry ride from Fremantle, the little port town just outside Perth, and you can visit Rottnest for a day trip or a longer visit. This is an island where luxury goes out the window; it's all about barefoot relaxing and cycling the island in search of your favourite secluded beach. Or if you hate cycling like I do, you can just buy a ticket and hop on the Island Explorer bus. 

I got the early morning ferry over on the Tuesday before I moved to Sydney (and took full advantage of Telethon Tuesdays - when the ferry ticket is about half the price), and immediately went straight to the information centre to get my Island Explorer ticket. Some of my favourite beaches on Rottnest are; Parker Point, Little Parakeet bay, Salmon Bay, and Ricey Beach. The problem is unless you cycle, you can only get to them via the bus. 

So I planned my time wisely to fit in time at a couple of the beaches before a late lunch. I started at Parker Point, which has without a doubt some of the clearest and most beautiful waters in WA. Now, I'm going to warn you right now - this post is literally just photos of stunning beaches and cute little Quokka's (a type of Marsupial that only lives on Rottnest), so if you don't like either of those things, click away now ;)

Then I moved round to Salmon Bay for half an hour. I had my book with me, and it was pure bliss just spending the day hopping from beach to beach and reading my book. 

I headed back to Thompson Bay (the main village area) around 2pm-ish, and got a meat pie from the bakery and a slice of carrot cake (the best carrot cake EVER). Usually we take it onto the beach to eat, but I was starving so just ate it at the bakery tables with the Quokka's trying to persuade me to give them some crumbs. I refrained though, and scoffed it all by myself.

I had a few hours before my ferry back to Freo, so decided to head over to The Basin for some more beach and reading time (I was legit obsessed with the book I was reading, and couldn't put it down). I found a few Quokka's on the way so stopped to pet a couple of them, and one was VERY inquisitive about what I had in my bag! Cheeky little thing climbed up onto my bag, and then onto my legs and stuck his face in my phone camera lens haha.

Please excuse my no-makeup hair pulled back look going on...

After my time at The Basin I then headed over to Hotel Rottnest for a glass of wine and some ice-cream. I found a seat right by the beach looking out over the ocean, so left my bags there and went inside to the bar to order. When I got back a couple had sat opposite me completely blocking my view!!! At first I at least had that window between them that you can see below, but then they slid across the bench to each-other and instead of my lovely view over the ocean, I was now stuck staring at this couple kissing in-front of me. RUDE. #singleproblems.  

Despite the ending making me feel like a total loner, the whole day was pretty darn good! I loved taking a day out from the stress of planning moving to a new city and starting a new job, and just relaxing by myself on one of my favourite islands.

If you're ever in Perth, make sure you take a day out to visit Rottnest (or a couple of nights if you have the time), I promise you won't regret it!


*PIN FOR LATER* The dreamiest beaches and cutest Quokka's on Rottnest Island in Western Australia!



  1. I remember your first post on Rottnest island and the Quokka. Super cute. And I can't believe there's actually a place called Salmon Bay!


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