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My 2017 Travel Plans and Wishes.

We're halfway through January 2017, and I've been thinking about where I want to go in 2017. I've been based in Sydney for nearly two months now, and so with me being here this year it opens up a variety of different places that I could only dream of visiting before! So without further ado, here we go...

1. More of Australia

I'm desperate to explore more of Australia, and will be doing this on the weekends when I'm off work! I have Melbourne booked in for two weeks time, and then I'd also love to visit Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, and Canberra. I'll also be going back over to Perth for Easter and my birthday as my brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit! 

2. New Zealand

This has been on my list for years, but it was always so far away from London and Perth. It's just a 3 hour flight from Sydney to Auckland, so at the moment I'm hoping to take a week off work at the beginning of October and do a few days in Auckland, and then a few days down in Queenstown on the South Island. I have cousins on the North Island and one of my best friends from the UK now living on the South Island, which gives me even more reason to visit!

3. Vanuatu

How  b e a u t i f u l  does Vanuatu look!? Sadly I'm no longer anywhere near the Caribbean, so can't do my usual annual trip to a Caribbean island. But with Vanuatu just a 3.5 hour flight from Sydney, I can do a quick 24 hour trip there just like my European ones! A weekend in paradise? What can be better!

4. Samoa

Samoa is one I'd like to spend a little longer at, it looks stunning! I'm thinking of taking a long weekend to explore the island and drink up the sunshine and swim in the crystal clear waters.

5. New Caledonia

Another South Pacific island super close to Sydney at just a 3 hour flying time, New Caledonia is yet another paradise island that I'm dreaming of spending a weekend on to get out of Sydney for a couple of days. I think it's safe to say my '24 Hours In...' luxury series may be upping it's game this year ;)

6. New York....again

So I actually already have this booked in for December 2017, but I need to check I can take the time off work first. If I cancel it I won't lose any money, but I'll rearrange it for early 2018 if I can't get the time off this year. Currently I have a First Class flight with Singapore Airlines from Sydney to NYC (I had HEAPS of airmiles to use up!) booked for the weekend before Christmas; it's been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember to go to NYC around Christmas time.

I know that I went to NYC twice in 2016, but after my hot Christmas in Aus this year, I'm desperate for a cold snowy Christmas!! I've also got the Gansevoort hotel in the Meatpacking District booked in for my 4 night stay, so I REALLY hope I can get the time off work as it's literally my dream trip!

7. South of France

I'll hopefully be back in London for a visit in July, and would love to jet off to the South of France for one of my 48 hour trips. I'm just longing for proper French food and the Mediterranean sea right now, and what better time to visit  Nice or Cannes than in July?!

8. Hong Kong

This is a potential for end of April, I have a friend from London who's gonna be in Hong Kong, and also Jasiminne is coming over to Aus in we may do a little Asia jaunt for a week at the end of April. I last visited Hong Kong when I was seventeen, and would love to go back to check out the amazing restaurants and the Tian Tan Buddha!


9. Singapore

I've been lusting after Singapore for years. We used to visit regularly as we used to stop over for a few nights on our way to Australia when I was younger. It's been nine years since I last visited, and I'm desperate to go back and see how it's changed. At the moment I have a long 10-hour stopover with my flight to NYC, which gives me the perfect time to see the Gardens by the Bay and explore my favourite parts of the city!

10. Bali

This is another potential for the Hong Kong trip, I'd love to spend a few days in Bali and see what all the fuss is about! A mix of relaxing in a luxury resort and visiting some of the stunning temples.

So, how did 2016 go?

Well, firstly I went to A LOT more countries than originally planned! My 2016 wish list was very light as I wasn't sure I'd be able to do much travelling with various health issues (I had two operations in 2016), and I also couldn't reveal some of the locations I wanted to travel to because they tied in with me moving to Australia...which I couldn't announce due to work until August!

I ended up visiting 12 overseas countries in 2016, as well as North Wales to see my grandma a couple of times. So 2016 included; Bangkok & Chiang Mai in Thailand, Paris in France, NYC in America x2, Lisbon in Portugal, Antigua in the Caribbean, Milan in Italy, Geneva in Switzerland, Orlando in America, Devon in England, Dubai in the UAE, Doha in Qatar, Muscat in Oman, Perth in Australia, Sydney in Australia. What a year!! You can read all about my 2016 travels here.

With a lot less holiday days at my new job than my old one, I really need to be careful with how I use them, hence the plan for quite a few weekend trips. I'm going to try and be smart about longer trips by working in our company offices in Brisbane, Perth, and London, so I can spend the evenings and weekends with friends, but the daytime when my friends are at work, at work too. 

Tell me, what's the top country on your list for 2017?

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  1. Haha 5 of your 10 are the same for me this year!!! Bring it on <3 Love AP xo

    Andrea's Passions

  2. What a fabulous list!! I hope you make it to New Zealand, it's very high on my bucket list too.

  3. Ugh, so, so jealous! I am DYING to get to NZ, particularly as I have so many Kiwi friends!

  4. Ahahaha m'boy is in Sydney this week - I'd be hilarious if you ran into each other and both of you recognise each other! Take advantage of being in the East - whenever I'm on that side of the world my head spins thinking of all the Oceanic and Asian destinations I want to go to but I'm never in Malaysia long enough to tick off a long travel list. Welcome to my side of the world! 😘

    Penang, Malaysia: 4 Historical Homes To Visit (and stay in!) - Posh, Broke, & Bored

  5. NZ is awesome but clearly I'm biased as it's still home to me :) My folks live in Singapore so that's another place I spend a lot of time in and the food is just brill. Definitely try and do the NYC Xmas trip - Singapore Airlines in 1st class will be fantastic - do a whole specific review on that please so I can read and weep (And be jealous)!

  6. A great list!! Amongst the tropical beauties The South of France appeals for a shorter trip and New Caledonia looks like paradise!

    Laura xo

  7. Oh, oh, oh! Enjoy New Caledonia I've heard nice things!
    Also, if you ever get to the French Riviera in July, I'm down for a rendezvous! x

  8. So many awesome travel plans, although still dont know how you can stomach only being away for 24 hours (probably those Lux flights ;) ) More of Australia and lots of New Zealand are on my to visit list- along with the UK and France when we go back! Might have to do a travel plans post too! xo

    Swellbound | Australian lifestyle blog


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