Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Lunch at il Lido, Cottesloe.

While I was back in Perth over the Christmas holidays there was one nice day. Yes one. I mean, every day was sunny...but it was cold. It was windy and 23 degrees most days, apart from the Thursday when it got up to 26, so Caitlin and I went to the beach first thing in the morning and then had the most delicious lunch at il Lido in Cottesloe! I didn't have my camera with me, so excuse the phone photos - I'm actually super embarrassed by them haha, but it was just so good I HAD to tell you guys about it...

Outside of Il Lido Restaurant on Cottesloe Beach

We were down at Grant Street beach sunbathing and listening to a bunch of kids playing the best music EVER right next to us (we were legit dancing whilst laying down, and singing along haha), and then we both realized how hungry we were. It happens every single time we go to the beach. A couple of hours in and we both just go 'shall we go get food now?'. So I suggested il Lido as I've been wanting to go for aaaages, and Caitlin loves it there, so off we went.

il Lido is a gorgeous Italian restaurant right on Marine Parade in Cott, so it has a beautiful view over the beach and ocean. Cait and I sat at one of the high tables next to the window, and had a look at the menu. I was craving Octopus, so ordered the Warm Fremantle Octopus. We also got some bread with olive oil to nibble on, and still lemonades to sip on.

My octopus was ok...but just ok. It was served in a sort of salad, but it was basically a huge bowl of chickpeas. Sadly there were more chickpeas than octopus and I struggled to actually find much octopus amongst the chickpeas. Maybe it's just personal preference, but I much prefer it as a very simple dish much like the one they do at Little Creatures. There were just too many flavours and the texture of the chickpeas was far too heavy with the octopus.

Thankfully the mains were far better. We chose the potato gnocchi with roast tomato, basil, and Parmesan, and the lamb and aubergine ravioli with rosemary sage butter, ricotta, and pistachio.

Both were amazing, but the stand-out one for both of us was the ravioli. The rosemary sage butter was just incredible. It literally melted in your mouth and the simple but powerful flavour of the rosemary and sage really made the dish.

We were so full that we decided to forgo the dessert menu, and instead we headed to Claremont for a spot of bra shopping (tmi? soz). Such a good day with one of my besties! Beach, lunch, shopping...what more could you want?

Both of us adored Il Lido, and the restaurant is so gorgeous. Such a lovely place for a special lunch or dinner with friends, family, or a date. Or just do what we did and #treatyoself ;)

Il Lido Italian Canteen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Oh my God, fresh octopus by the beach in Straya sounds ESPECIALLY dreamy from here in grey London where I'm nursing a now-lukewarm camomile tea! And don't worry about the phone photos - that gorgeous shot of the beach and its amazing blue skies (and sea) will stun anyone in the Northern Hemipshere into weather envy! x

    What's In My Handbag: Gucci Lilith, London Limited Edition - Posh, Broke, & Bored

  2. The potato gnocchi looks like perfection!

  3. These are great phone photos! You should see mine, they're awful - and I don't even have a camera at the moment so I'm either stealing Michele's camera or using my phone until I can save up for a new one! Bad times. That's so weird, why would they serve octopus like that?! The gnocchi and the ravioli though... ohhhh my goodness, I did not need to see those pictures on an empty stomach!! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  4. The food looks lovely, but I did giggle a little when I saw the little burger in your selfie ;) Perfect nip slip cover up XD


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