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The Perfect 3-Step NYE Party Hairstyle With ghd.

With NYE just over a week away, I thought I'd tell you all how to recreate my go-to hairstyle for fancy events. I basically have three go-to hairstyles; natural, blow-dried, and ghd waves. I rarely put my hair up unless I'm attending a white tie event, because I honestly can't stand having my hair up - it makes me feel so naked! If you're a long-time reader of Lux Life, you'll have seen the hairstyle I'm about to give you a quick tutorial on, on me in various posts many times before. It's super easy to achieve, but always looks amazing!

The thing I love about creating waves with ghd styler's, is that they hold so much better than a blow dry, so is perfect for events where you'll be dancing the night away! I know I usually do video tutorials for this sort of thing, but I literally just moved house and have no furniture currently and won't do until after Christmas...so I have nothing to balance the camera on haha.

So, let's get started...

Step 1 - Section off your hair

I tend to break it into four sections, so the top half gets split into two sections, and the bottom half gets split in two. Clip the top sides up with a clip, and start on the bottom.

Step 2 - Create the curls

Place a reasonably thin chunk of hair between the plates of the styler (don't do it right from the top of your hair, maybe around a quarter way down the length), and then very slowly and gradually twist the styler away from your neck/face, and down, pulling it through your hair to the ends. This movement is what creates the curl. You then want to twist the styler towards your face/neck on the next curl, and basically repeat that alternating pattern until you've done your whole head.

Step 3 - Brush it out

Once you're done your hair will look a bit of a 90's mess. Don't panic, this is what we want. You then want to use a paddle brush and brush the hair down softly, which softens those hard and defined curls, and turns them into waves. You can then arrange the waves with your hands; use your fingers to twist chunks of the waves away from your face.

I know it's a pretty old photo (hellooooo brown hair and chubby cheeks), but the above shows perfectly the hairstyle you want to achieve with this tutorial! I was battling with the light while I was photographing the tutorial pics, and sadly by the time I'd finished it, it had gotten dark outside (the perils of working full time again!). In total this style takes me about half an hour, but once you've got the hang of the movement it's just an automatic maneuver that you don't have to think too much about.

I honestly don't know what I'd do without my fave ghd Copper Styler, I don't use heat on my hair very often, but for events they're such a lifesaver! The colour is beautiful, they're super lightweight, and they come with all sorts of fancy features that the older ones don't have! They automatically switch off if you forget to turn them off (hands up who else always does this?), and they also have universal voltage so you can use them everywhere you go on holiday (which is amazing, because I get so sick of not being able to style my hair whenever I'm in the US).

And the best thing? You can win your own ghd Copper Luxe Styler (worth $270AUD), just by following the @ghdhair instagram account, and uploading your own photo of your party hair with the hashtag #GlitzTheSeason! The winner will be announced on 7th Jan - find out the details here.

What's your favourite party season hairstyle?

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*This post has been produced in collaboration with ghd, and my product was gifted to me. However all ghd love is my own, and the new gifted styler just replaced my old one :)

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  1. Ah I neeeeeed some straighteners, I haven't had any for years but seeing as my hair options are currently up in a pony tail or down, I think it's time I started making a little more effort!! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy


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