Saturday, 10 December 2016

Brunch With a View at Hamptons, City Beach.

With such a long coastline made up of hundreds of pristine white sandy beaches, you're not short of a few places for dining with a view in Perth. The top suburbs I love for dining with a view are Cottesloe, Scarborough, and City Beach. I am a little biased though as I used to live in City Beach, so it has a rather special place in my heart. The old Surf Life Saving building on City Beach was recently knocked down and re-built to house three new restaurants, including Hamptons, which has brought a very welcome change.

Avocado and poached egg on sourdough breakfast at Hamptons City Beach

Beforehand there was just Clancy's restaurant (which used to be Oceana in the old days - an incredible seafood restaurant), Clancy's cafe, and The Kiosk at Floreat Beach next door. I used to work at The Kiosk when it was Costa Azzura while I was in high again I'm a little biased. Anyway, the new restaurants are Hamptons, Rise, and Odyssea.

Hamptons is a glamorous restaurant, incredibly big, but perfect for any occasion. Rise is a pizza restaurant only open in the evenings, and Odyssea is a more relaxed and casual restaurant that apparently does amazing coffee and juices (they're also dog friendly on their terrace area).

Anna and I decided to try out Hamptons, as she tried the Odyssea brunch menu recently and wasn't too keen on it. Now, let me tell you, the brunch we had at Hamptons was one of the best I've had in a long time. It even surpassed Pixel Coffee Brewers.

We both chose the Smashed Avo on toast, with poached eggs, feta, and tomatoes, with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. We also chose to have a side of hash browns each!

To  drink I went a bit wild and had an iced chocolate, and a watermelon juice (which was drunk far too quickly to photograph). Anna had a classic flat white.

We  enjoyed our lazy brunch looking out over the beach and perfectly calm ocean, and chatting about my new job and move to Sydney. The view really is something special, and is one of the things I miss most about Perth. Every time I see this view I look for Rottnest Island to see if it's clear or not. Some days it's a little hazy smudge in the distance, and other days you can see everything from the lighthouse, to each beach and the mounds of green vegetation where the dugites hide.

My  family and I had this thing when we lived in Perth years ago (it feels weird to say still feels like just last year)...we lived on top of the hill at City Beach, and each morning as we drove down the road to school, without fail one of us would say "Oooh Rottnest is clear today!" or "Oh, you can't see Rottnest today", and the rest of the car would in unison go "Oooh yes!". It's funny how small tiny insignificant things like that stay with you.

After our brunch Anna and I headed down to the beach for some tanning. The sea breeze was late coming in, and so even at 12 the air was still, and heavy with heat and the sound of the cicadas. I barely ate anything the rest of the day I was so full from our huge brunch, and I can't wait to go back to Hamptons City Beach soon for a Round Two and to try our dinner and sunset cocktails!

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  1. I am super in love with that iced chocolate! And wow wow wow, what a view!!!

  2. The view from those tables is amazing and the food looks awesome! xo

    we are Dannah | Australian lifestyle blog

  3. Ah it looks like a dream! I almost can't believe that warm weather and blue skies still exist anywhere in the world! Avocado toast and a side of hash browns is the BEST xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  4. That's quite a brunch view and I love the look of the iced chocolate

  5. I'm loving the new blog look - and this brunch #swoon


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