Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Highest Restaurant in the World: Dining at Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

If you'd told me a year ago that I'd be dining 122 floors up at At.Mosphere, the highest bar and restaurant in the world, I wouldn't have believed you. But as always things eventually fall into place, and after months of planning, I was finally in Dubai enroute to starting my Australian Adventure 2.0. Myself and Laura were visiting Nigel, who we both used to work with in London, and so one evening after a particularly epic day at Zero Gravity, we were all a little peckish and in need of some food. After a quick phone call we were on our way to the Burj Khalifa...the tallest building in the world.

The taxi pulled up and the doors were opened for us swiftly, and we stalled outside the impressively overwhelming building to take a #BurjSelfie...

By the end of my trip to Dubai I'd experienced the Burj Khalifa inside, outside, from the ground, from the air, by day, and by night...and yet I still couldn't quite grasp the sheer size of it. It's a very strange feeling, but it's really quite humbling and mindboggling with just how big it is. When you look at it everything else around it looks so tiny, all the other skyscrapers look like miniature buildings, and the Burj itself looks like dozens of small skyscrapers stacked on top of oneanother.

We eventually found the elevator to take us up to At.Mosphere, and silently and exceptionally quickly, we rose to the 122nd floor of the building. The only clue we were going so fast was the speed of our ears popping, and the number on the digital screen inside the lift speedily counting upwards.

As  we'd been drinking and partying all day we weren't really in the mood for sitting in a restaurant with white table cloths, so we chose to sit in the Bar & Lounge part of At.Mosphere, which was beautiful. It was all very sleek and contemporary, with dark moody lighting (not great for blog photos), and with the most incredible views over the whole of Dubai. As it was nighttime it was hard to see everything from so high up, but the lights looked so pretty and it was such a magical experience.

We visited over Islamic New Year so from 5pm that day nowhere was selling alcohol. We stuck to non-alcoholic cocktails (which were delicious), and set about ordering a heap of food.

The lobster tacos, wagyu beef sliders, and california rolls were my favourite, but  all of the food was really very good; high quality and delicious flavour combinations. you can check out what we had in the photos below...

An  amazing dinner with old and new friends, and a much more enjoyable way to experience the Burj Khalifa than joining the throngs of tourists going to the very top!

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PIN FOR LATER: Dining at the highest restaurant in the world, at At.Mosphere on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai!



  1. The food looks absolutely delicious. Bet you got some great views of Dubai from the Burj!

  2. Ok...adding to my bucket list...

  3. Isn't At.Mosphere delicious? We booked a table at sunset which was glorious.

  4. That building is unbelievable! How funny that they weren't selling alcohol because of NYE, a complete contrast to the UK! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  5. The food are truly Yummy and delicious. The Burj Khalifa is one of the most famous and great hotel to stay in Dubai. It is very expensive and one of the best hotel for staying. I stayed there one time before taking th 4 day tour to washington DC. I hope my journey will be cool and nice for me. Thanks for it and I am sure it will be amazing for us.


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