Friday, 25 November 2016

A Day Out in The Hills at Lesmurdie Falls, Perth.

It was a Wednesday and Anna and I were both at a loss for what to do with the day. It was 28 degrees, but a little too windy and late in the day for the beach (you really need to go in the morning before the sea breeze comes in). Eventually we decided on visiting the beautiful Lesmurdie Falls up in the Perth Hills for a little photoshoot...

view of Perth city skyline from Lesmurdie Falls
Photos of me are by Anna, the rest are by me.

Anna has been on this blog many times over the years, and she's just started getting into photography and wanted someone to practice on, so our little afternoon jaunt into the hills was the perfect excuse. Lesmurdie Falls National Park is only a half hour drive from the city, and it feels as though you're in a world away from the beaches and city life.

As you walk along the side of the stream, through the trees, and emerge near the top of the waterfall, you can see the city in the distance; the tall shards of glass and steel rising up from the low-spread sprawl of the Perth suburbs. The greenery of the hills that surround you is pretty spectacular, and combined with the crash of the water pounding against the rocks, it reminds you of just how huge Australia is, and how the cities are such small dots in this vast land.

We gingerly stepped over the rocks and stones, careful not to trip in our silly unpractical flip-flops, and kept an eye out for snakes or any other critters. It's snake breeding season at the moment, and with two of the most venomous snakes in the world everywhere you go, you'd be stupid not to keep your eyes peeled at all times when you're anywhere near bushland or undergrowth.

Thankfully we didn't see any snakes, and after climbing down some rocks to get closer to the edge where the waterfall cascaded down, we set about getting some shots! I joked that my face wasn't good enough for the camera, because Anna kept wanting shots of my hair haha. I was having one of those days where you think your hair looks shit, and then you see it in photos and you're just like DAYUM.

After getting some photos we tried to walk down the uneven rocky steps to get to the bottom of the falls (which is apparently where the best view of them is), but the walk was so long and it was so hot and we were so unprepared with our clothing, that we just looked at each other and said "Shall we just go back to the city and get ice-cream?". I love that we both had the exact same idea, and after promising that we'd come back sometime in proper hiking gear, we made our way back to my car (and the precious, precious air-con).

We  definitely made the best choice - we parked up near the bell tower in the city and walked across to Elizabeth Quay for Gusto Gelato. I had white chocolate, and it was probably one of the best gelatos I've ever had. It literally tasted like melted white chocolate (but frozen obvs). It was heavenly! Gusto Gelato is expensive, but so, so worth it.

Also, here's an 'outtakes' bonus shot that makes me laugh. Hair gone flat? Just flip it back. #slay.

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