Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Mouthwatering End at Zuma, Dubai.

For my last Saturday night in Dubai, Nigel and I did yet another bar crawl, and then ended up very merry at Zuma. It was a totally spontaneous decision - we both realized how hungry we were after a few too many cocktails, so decided to go somewhere neither of us had been before (in London or Dubai) - Zuma. The famous Japanese restaurant group with high-end but informal restaurants in major cities across the world.

Image of a whisky-based cocktail at Zuma in Dubai

Although the Zuma concept is based on informal izakaya-style Japanese dining, the restaurants are luxurious and full of beautiful and well-dressed people. 

Being drunk and hungry, we went a little crazy and ordered a load of food. You'll have to excuse the photos as I only had my phone on me, I left both of my cameras back at the apartment (I don't trust myself with them when I know I'll be drinking). So. Without further ado, we had....

Tuna and Yellowtail Sashimi...

Thinly Sliced Seabass with yuzu...

Crispy soft shell crab...

Gyozas... (Nigel ordered these - I have no clue what was in them)

Crispy fried squid...

California roll....

Wagyu beef....

We were too full for dessert (a very very rare occurance for me), so we retreated to the buzzing and very lively bar for one last cocktail before heading home to get some much needed sleep.

Every single dish aside from the gyozas (which I'm not a huge fan of anyway) was absolutely delicious. I was so impressed with the freshness of the fish dishes, the spicy flavours of the squid and soft shell crab, and the way the wagyu beef just fell apart it was so tender. The service was also amazing, the staff were so welcoming despite us getting our order in just before last orders, and they couldn't do enough for us.

Zuma was definitely one of the best restaurants we ate at in Dubai, but you'd hope so when you're paying around £80pp (the Wagyu beef was one of the most expensive items on the menu though). It was definitely up there in terms of quality and service with Hakkasan Dubai, and I'm so happy we managed to fit it in before I left! 

I'd recommend heading to Zuma if you want a buzzing party atmosphere, and Hakkasan if you want a more relaxed dinner. Both are great whether you're with friends, family, a partner, or even a date! 

What's your favourite restaurant in Dubai?



  1. Gah I love Zuma! I would've ordered everything you did as well!
    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

  2. Zuma is on my list if I ever go to Dubai!

  3. I love Zuma in Dubai!!! Glad you enjoyed and shame about the gyozas! Love AP xo

    Andrea's Passions


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