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My Top 5 Nightclubs in NYC.

It's no secret that I really love clubbing and a night out. Every city I go to I have to check out the clubbing scene, and having been to NYC twice this year, I managed to check out a fair few clubs while I was there. It was actually pretty hard to whittle it down to my five favourites, as there are so many good ones, and I actually only went to one or two bad ones, but these ones are so good that I now recommend them to every friend who goes to New York...

Top 5 Nightclubs in New York City

What to wear

1. Haus

Haus is without a doubt my favourite club in NYC. I love hip hop and r&b music, and Haus is the ultimate clubbing destination in New York for this kinda music. I mean they played 2Chainz Birthday Song after Jasiminne and I had been walking around NYC singing it all day, so that made us super happy. Also I've seen both French Montana and Busta Rhymes there. 

To gain entry to Haus contact Nii at NYCNiights, he's awesome and he'll sort you out.

285 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013, United States

2. Tao Downtown

Tao Downtown is another favourite high up on the list. I had the BEST time there! The venue is incredible, it's completely separate to the restaurant and you have to enter via a different entrance around the corner, but it's just as impressive as the restaurant. The music is mainly commercial and hip hop, but the vibe and atmosphere in that place was just so much fun, and felt chic and trendy without being pretentious. 

To gain entry contact Troy on FaceyB (just add him and send him a message), he's also awesome and he'll sort you out there.  

92 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011, United States

3. Avenue

Avenue was the very first nightclub I went to in NYC, and we had a really fun time there! Once again the venue is cool, and the music was right up my street. It's mainly hip hop, r&b, with commercial bits thrown in. Also it's literally next door to 1Oak, so you can easily go to both on the same night.

To gain entry contact Nii.

116 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011, United States

4. 1Oak

1Oak is without a doubt the most famous club in New York. It's the one I'd heard the most about, and I was determined to go there. Anna and I ended up there at around 1am on a Saturday after we'd been to Avenue and Haus, so by this point we were smaaaaaashed. I'm pretty sure the only reason we got in was because of my British accent and the fact we were on Troy's guestlist (American bouncers are total suckers for a home counties British accent). As such I don't remember much about it, all I remember is we had lots of fun! And as it's so famous it's really one that you can't miss just for the experience.

To gain entry contact Troy.

453 W 17th St #1, New York, NY 10011, United States

5. Le Bain at The Standard Hotel

Le Bain was a totally spontaneous night out and as such we hadn't planned anything guestlist wise, but we were lucky. We got there reasonably early so the queue wasn't tooo epic, I turned on my British accent and charm, and before we knew it we were in the elevator whizzing up to nightclub. The club has a hot tub inside right next to the dance floor, and if that's not your vibe then head up the stairs to get to the rooftop bar with the most incredible views over Manhattan. Also the toilets have a view of the Empire State Building, so you can wash your hands and stare at the Empire State Building.

848 Washington St, New York, NY 10014, United States

Extra Tips

My least favourite was Marquee, it wasn't my kinda music at all the night we went, and it was freeeeeezing cold in there! The venue was cool though and the DJ booth was insane (think huge LED light screens), so if you love house music head on down there.

Pre-Clubbing Drinks

For pre-clubbing drinks head to Sanatorium in the East Village then taxi it over to the clubs. Sanatorium is epic, such a cool bar that's designed in the style of a laboratory, with awesome cocktails perfect for getting you started on your NYC night out! 

Photo by Jasiminne

And obviously I haven't been to every club in NYC so don't think that these are the ultimate best clubs in the City, they're just my favourite clubs from the ones I've been to. And also remember to dress to impress, NYC bouncers can be super strict and I saw a coupla girls at both 1Oak and Tao Downtown being refused entry. 


The Top 5 Nightclubs in New York City, and how to get into them!



  1. Now THIS is how to do New York properly!

  2. The decor in Tao looks incredible and I seem to recall that it was in Sex in the City years ago?

  3. Oooh I think you're thinking of Buddakhan, they look very similar!


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