Tuesday, 27 September 2016

HAC Polo at Ham Polo Club 2016.

A couple of weeks ago a few friends and I headed to Ham Polo Club for the HAC Polo match. We'd all been a couple of years ago (see that post here), but last year it wasn't on...so we were hoping this year would be good enough to make up for it! Sadly the weather had other ideas...but it didn't dampen our spirits, and we ended up having such an awesome day and so much fun! I wasn't planning on blogging this so didn't take my camera, but it was such a good day I just had to...so you'll have to put up with mobile photos... 

The weather was really nasty, it was that horrid drizzly rain and grey clouds with a chilly wind. I'd been out the night before and was super tired, so I had a rest on the grass under the gazebo the boys had brought with them, and after the polo had finished I skulled a couple of red bulls and was ready to party! I mean who actually watches the polo anyway? It's all about the after party! 

I wasn't drinking as I was driving, but the music was so good that it got me so pumped and the group and I danced our little socks off. These guys are seriously the best people to party with, I always have an epic time with them and we just have so much fun! Also Dan was an idiot and wore braces...so obvs we all kept doing this to him...

Dan and Pete did their dancing thang (I'll have a video up soon in a little video I'm posting on Thursday), and then Pete decided it would be a great idea to pick me up and spin me around. We're the same height and I'm quite heavy, so I was so terrified he'd drop me I literally just wrapped my legs around his waist and clung on for dear life while my dress flew up and flashed everyone. Lovely. 

After a few hours of dancing in the Ham Polo Club clubhouse to awesome tunes, a big group of us decided to head into town to go to Home House. I drove a few of us, and the others got taxis. We started with drinks and a quick bite to eat upstairs, and then moved down to the club for more dancing! I'm still not entirely sure how I got through the night after my very tiring night the night before, I think it was just pure adrenalin (and maybes a few cans of redbull). 

It was such a fun day and night, and was one of those where I was just blissfully happy and grateful for the people around me. I'm going to miss this when I go back to Australia...but let's hope they'll all still be here when I get back to London next year ;)


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