Thursday, 4 August 2016

Home House Summer Party 2016: Olympia to Rio.

Last Friday was the annual Home House Summer Party. It's basically one of the biggest parties of the year, and is always guaranteed to be epic. The theme this year was 'Olympia to Rio' to celebrate the Olympic Games next month, but I'm not very good at fancy dress unless I can go as a Pirate, so I went as a 'spectator'...aka...I wore normal clothes. It was only when we got inside I realized I could have worn my old karate kit. Anyway, the club was decked out in the most incredible decorations, and there were loads of performers in different themed rooms (including a drag queen and Brazilian dancers). Come and take a tour with me?

Home House London Summer Party 2016 Olympia to Rio

Catherine #2 (dressed as a Grecian) and I arrived around 8:30pm, just in time for food! After making our way through the club out to the garden, we joined the queue for drinks, and got our food tokens for a burger. We sat and ate our burgers and watched some pretty buff men play volleyball. Sadly the weather was a little drizzly and the rain started to get heavier, and all the seats in the big Marquee were taken, so we headed inside. 

We explored the different themed rooms in the club, and then decided to start with a cocktail in the Bison bar in House No. 19 (Home House consists of three houses joined together; No.s 19, 20, and 21). I haven't been to Home House since that crazy night back in May, so it was nice to be back. It's such an awesome place and I love it a lot. After our cocktails we then found Suraya, Eleanor, and Raiyan, so spent some time dancing in one of the club rooms that was themed like Rio - complete with a Christ The Redeemer Statue!

Next up we walked back through the garden to House No. 21, got more drinks from the epic bar, and then watched some martial arts in the House Lounge.

Just as we were heading up to the Gloucester Lounge to check out where all the awesome music was coming from, I bumped into one of my old clients from my old work, so we had a chat and catch up then went up to the lounge. There was hip hop and pop music, with some guys dressed as gymnasts using gymnastics equipment to dance. It was pretty impressive! They were literally using the equipment to break dance around and was awesome.

Around midnight we left, but first we had to check out the Ancient Greece themed room upstairs in House No. 20! How cool is it!?

After leaving Home House we headed over to one of my fave clubs in London, Cuckoo Club. We met Freddie and the guys there and danced the night away! It was so much fun as always, and when we finally left to go home to our beds, we walked down the street saying to oneanother 'how AWESOME was tonight!?'. It was a great night. 



  1. I love how festive the atmosphere is!!! So nice :)

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I have a Rio-Olympics themed work do tomorrow so I'll definitely take some inspiration :D


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