Friday, 12 August 2016

Dickie Fitz, Fitzrovia.

I've been wanting to visit Dickie Fitz since it first opened earlier this year, but various things got in the way and I only just made it down last week. To be completely honest I was a little disappointed by the menu to start with, but what I had was absolutely incredible and so tasty! It's an Australasian restaurant, with a menu focused on Asian and Australian dishes, and the pavlova was legit the best pavlova I've ever had in my life (even better than my ex-boyfriend's mum's, which is saying something - sorry Michelle)...

Dickie Fitz Australian Restaurant in London Rib Burger

I arrived early and Claire arrived late, so I had about 20mins to kill and sipped on a 'Caramello Koala', which was a totally moreish concoction made up of amaretto, butterscotch schnapps, baileys, and milk & cream. Deliciously naughty but oh so good, and a perfect treat for a rainy Monday!

The restaurant itself was light and bright, even in the gloomy weather. I loved the sunny yellow details and marbled tables!

Claire arrived and we started looking over the menu. Both of us lived in Perth in Western Australia, so were really excited to see a couple of favourites on the menu (kangaroo tartare, and plenty of beef), but overall I was disappointed by the size of the main menu, it was fairly small and it would have been nice to see a lamb dish and a couple more seafood dishes. While we chose our food Claire sipped on a 'U Beaut' champagne cocktail...

For starters I chose the Grilled Octopus, while Claire had the Tuna Tataki.

I loved my octopus! It really was exceptionally good. The simple flavour combination of tomato and fennel with a crisp fresh salad worked really well with the chewy texture of the grilled white flesh, and I desperately wanted more.

Claire really enjoyed her tuna, and I have to say I had a little food envy as it did look great!

For our mains we both had burgers. I chose the rib burger with jack cheese, home sauce, and pickle, and Claire had the Aussie burger with jack cheese, beetroot, pineapple, and relish.

Naturally we both also got a portion of fries each with chicken salt. CHICKEN SALT. Basically my fave thing. I miss this SO much and just don't understand why the UK hasn't cottoned onto the whole Australian Chicken Salt craze. Seriously, everywhere you go in Australia there is chicken salt. In many restaurants you don't just get salt and vinegar on the table, you also get chicken salt. And don't even get me started on the Red Rooster fries that are deep fried in chicken salt and then coated in more of the stuff. Oh man I could really do with some right now tbh.

Anyway, the burgers were the most perfect comfort food ever. I loved my rib burger and it was huge. I was a little envious of Claire's pineapple in her burger but I can't stand beetroot hence I chose the rib burger.

We were pretty full, but after seeing Pavlova on the menu we just had to get it and see how it compared to some incredible pavlova's we'd had back in Australia! It says it's for 2 people, but actually it could comfortably feed 4! It was HUGE. And so, so good. Inside it was full of lemon curd, seasonal berries, and raspberry sorbet. It was delicious.

I ordered a Lamington to go, and saved it for my mid-morning snack at work the next day. To be honest I wasn't that impressed with it and it tasted nothing like a normal Lamington. I think I'll stick to Daisy Green for those!

Despite my initial slight reservation of the menu, I can't fault any of the food (aside from the Lamington) at all. All of it was just exceptionally good, and I'd definitely go so far as to say it's one of the best Aussie restaurants I've tried in London (maybe even better than Granger & Co?).

If you love Pacific/Aussie/Asian inspired food, definitely give Dickie Fitz a go! And promise me you'll get the chicken salt fries and pavlova?!


PIN FOR LATER: Hands down one of the BEST Australian restaurants in London! They do chicken salt fries, rib burgers, great seafood options, kangaroo tartare, AND pavlova and lamingtons!

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  1. Oooh glad you enjoyed it! I wasn't convinced but perhaps a return trip is in order.

  2. Oooh I've heard really mixed things about Dickie FItz but maybe that was just teething errors when they first opened. Your meal looks delicious! And chicken salt seems like something that needs investigated...!

  3. That pavlova looks ridiculously good! x

  4. Chicken salt chips!? I need to go!!

  5. Paul and I loved it here, the chicken salt chips were amazing


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