Thursday, 14 July 2016

Polo Bar at the Westbury Hotel, Mayfair.

Now that all of my Antigua posts are out of the way, things are sort of returning to normal on Lux Life for a little while. There will be more foodie and lifestyle posts over the next month or so, with a couple of short escapes intertwined. A few weeks ago my best friend Emma and I went to check out the Polo Bar at the Westbury Hotel. I often walk past it, and I often park right opposite when I go on a night out. Well, they invited me to go and check it out, so I finally visited and discovered just how incredible the cocktails are...

It was pouring with rain and I had to walk from my office right by Selfridges all the way to the Westbury in a total downpour. I arrived disheveled and soaking wet, and feeling a little like I shouldn't be in this glamorous bar with it's stunning Swarovski Crystal fittings and Bond-Street appropriate custom Fendi detailing. Emma was already sat at our table, and we quickly ordered our first round of cocktails so we could get on with catching up!

The waiter asked us what sort of cocktails we liked, and we told him the sorts of ingredients we both enjoy. Well, he got it so right. Every single time. Emma started with the Pomegranate Deluxe with champagne and real gold flakes! She loved it, but I wasn't so keen. I love cocktails, and I love champagne, but I'm not a fan of the two together. I had the Divine, which definitely lived up to it's name! I adored it, and drank it far too quickly. Also we each got a mini glass of our cocktail for the other to try - how cute is that!?

The waiter then brought over some bar snacks. They didn't ask for dietary requirements first, and the first snacks they brought out were salmon cones, so I couldn't eat them. I stared at them starving hungry while Emma ate a few, and sipped on my cocktail hoping the next snacks would come out shortly.

Our next cocktails arrived, along with some delicious Panko Crusted Prawns! This time Emma had the Gin and Jam, while I had the Conduit No. 2. Our final cocktails I can't remember the names of, but every cocktail was amazing. We both agreed that it was so rare to find a bar where every cocktail tastes good. Usually you order one or two that are a bit 'meh' and aren't to your taste. Clearly the staff know their thing, as just by knowing the cocktail base that we both enjoy they got it right every time!

We finished with a very moreish chocolate truffle each, and then wandered/stumbled out into the rain once more. We had a really fab evening at the Polo Bar, we loved the glamorous chic location and relaxed but busy vibe. As the evening went on the bar became full of people, but it didn't feel too rowdy or too quiet. It was perfect.

What's your favourite cocktail bar?

*Our evening at Polo Bar was complimentary, but as always my opinions are my own

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  1. Love this place! We went last year and the cocktails are divine :)


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