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Hotel Review: Palazzo Parigi, Milano.

Milan is known for being the ultimate city for luxury and fashion, and with just 24 hours in Milano, Jasiminne and I were lucky enough to be staying in one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, right in the heart of the fashion district. Palazzo Parigi Milano is beautiful and classic, but with a certain grandness about it, with marble everywhere and the feeling that you should be swishing around in a ball gown. 

We arrived midday on Saturday, and as our room wasn't quite ready yet the lovely staff at check-in showed us down to the spa. We forgot our swimming things so didn't get to test out the pool, but there were changing rooms in the spa that meant we could freshen up from our flight and leave our minimal luggage in the changing room lockers. We had a quick look-see around the hotel and then went for lunch and to see a bit of the city.

After a lazy lunch and a spot of shopping, we headed back to the Palazzo Parigi to check out our room. 

We were in a Milanese style classic room, with a cute little balcony overlooking the city, and everything we needed for a comfortable stay. However they did get my name wrong in the welcome letter, and for some reason I went from having a three letter Latin surname to a super long Eastern European surname that began with a 'K' and ended with 'ski'. Letter confusion aside we checked out the super chic marble bathroom with Clarins branded toiletries. 

Our stay was a lovely one, the hotel was in the perfect location - walking distance to every major attraction and super easy to get to and from. We were so busy the whole weekend we really only used the hotel to sleep and shower. However there were a couple of things that really bugged me. 

I think we were given the wrong room. We'd requested a twin room a few days before arrival, and despite them saying that was totally fine we were given a double. Then there was the wrong name on the welcome letter. Then on the Saturday night we went out to the Cavalli club. We came back around 1am and walked over to the lift only to be stopped by one of the doormen. We'd noticed him and his colleague watching us walk to the lift in confusion, as if we shouldn't have been there (we may have been quite tipsy from our Milan nightclub experience, but we weren't dressed badly or anything). He came over and asked us what room we were in, so we told him and he said thank you and allowed us into the lift.

We got back to our room and the phone rung, so I answered. It was the doorman from downstairs asking if I had just come through reception...I said yes. Except he didn't use my surname 'Lux', he used the surname that was on the welcome letter, the long Polish sounding one. He said 'is that Ms' I said 'No, this is Miss Lux', he said 'Oh ok, did you just walk through the lobby?' I said 'Yes, my friend and I who are staying here just went out for a night out and we just got back...'. 

Honestly it felt embarrassing and I wasn't happy with the way we were treated. We are two young women in our twenties who like to party - what's wrong with us coming back to our hotel at 1am? It was a Saturday night, and it wasn't as if we were both rolling drunk and being overly loud or anything - we were being super quiet as we walked through the lobby and up to our room! Also if we weren't staying in the room number I had given him, I would have been SUPER pissed off to have been the guest to be woken up by a 1am phone call! 

Aside from the strange service the hotel was stunning, and we really enjoyed our stay. We left Sunday evening and said a sad farewell to our little Milanese haven, there's no doubt that the Palazzo Parigi was the perfect luxury base. We had a pretty epic 24 Hours in Milan, and I'll be telling you all about it very shortly!


Things to do in Milano, Italy: Stay at Palazzo Parigi Grand Hotel & Spa, one of the finest luxury hotels in the city! With a grand marble lobby, incredible spa, and beautiful Milanese rooms, it is the perfect hotel for a stay in Milan. It's also located right in the heart of the fashion district and really close to all of the major attractions!

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*Our stay at Palazzo Parigi Milan was complimentary, however my opinions remain my own


  1. It looks gorgeous but the service does sound a little odd. Love the pic of the two of you in the lift!

  2. Gorgeous photos! The hotel looks beautiful - but how odd re the service. That's not cool at all! X

  3. It definitely sounds like there was a mix-up with the rooms. Stunning hotel though


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