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Lux Life's June 2016.

June had been a funny old month. It's been emotional, fraught with stress, but it has also brought welcome relief and a huge sense of excitement for what it is to come in the future. I have some pretty huge news, and although I can't reveal anything just yet, I will be telling you all in the next couple of weeks once everyone in real life has been told (although some of you know already...). So just like May, June was a pretty busy month, with lots of events and things going on! 

From travel, to health issues, to being mugged, it's been a busy and intense month, and I'm honestly quite glad to see the back of it and hoping July will be a little kinder to me. The month started with me landing in London from Antigua - I'm still slowly getting through the blog posts. I had such an incredible time and did so many different things, so I have two more posts to write and then I promise I'll stop going on about it ;)

I threw myself straight into my London life as soon as I got back. I got back on the Wednesday and on the Friday had the summer ball at the Lansdowne Club. It was black tie and Latin themed and was SO much fun! If you follow me on snapchat (cat_lux), you may have seen the very drunken snapchats haha. Also sorry for the below pic's just far too funny...there were some boob issues going on.

The following day was Polo in the Park, which was a lot of fun as always, and the start of 'summer'. HA. If only. This month has been shockingly awful weather-wise, and I'm hoping July is better on the weather-front or I may actually scream and have a full on tantrum.

Also this month I got my hair re-done! I went to Nicky Clarke and got an absolutely amazing colour done - it looks so much more natural than it did before, and I absolutely love it!

Then it was time to say goodbye to Rohan at work *sob*. My fellow Bey lover has left us to go to a rival agency (what a d***k), so we had some epic leaving drinks and a personalized geo-filter on snapchat! Also I tried to teach Clare how to pose...she's a slow learner ;)

My Dad was in hospital that week with an awful virus, he was super sick and had to spend a few days hooked up to a drip getting fluids pumped into him, so I spent Friday at home with the family as he finally came home that day. The next morning I flew to Milan for 24 hours in the fashion capital with Jasiminne! I'm gonna be writing about this really soon, we had an awesome time and absolutely loved our short but sweet visit!

Also talking of travel, I'm planning all of my trips for the rest of the year at the moment, and came across an amazing deal so thought I'd tell you about it! I've got my summer trip to NYC booked in, and hopefully I'm gonna get to Miami too this time. Then in September I'm heading to Dubai, Doha, and Muscat enroute to Australia. 

So, all that sunshine, but what about the winter trips? It's always been a dream of mine to see the Northern Lights (pretty sure it must be on almost everyone's bucket lists?!), and I always just assumed Iceland was the only place to see them. But. Apparently Tromso in Norway is actually one of the best places, and at the moment Best Served Scandinavia have a deal where you receive one free night at the Thon Tromso hotel when you book the Northern Lights City Break through them, which is a saving of £130 per couple. I'm currently trying to persuade someone to come with me - anyone else up for it!?

Anyway, so I got back from Milan on the Sunday evening and then had a rather busy week! I went to the Mr Porter LCM Party at the Ham Yard Hotel, where I caught up with a load of friends, and made some new ones too!

The next evening Mum and I had a little treat and went to see Guys and Dolls. I've been wanting to see it for SO long, so we booked tickets and it was part of our birthday presents. We went to Ed's diner beforehand for a quick dinner - we used to go here all the time when I was younger, so it was nice to go back after so long and just have a good ole burger! I would post photos (including a super cute one of me and mum in a #mirrorselfie), but sadly this leads me onto a bit of a disaster...

I was supposed to go for drinks on the Friday at the Lansdowne with the girls, as Steph was back in town from America, but sadly things didn't turn out as planned. I'd had a rough week with some bad news from the doctor, and was on the phone to the doctor on Friday morning outside my office when I was mugged. I suddenly heard the sound of a motorbike coming way too close to me, so I looked up to see two motorbikes with two people on each (so four in total) heading straight for me. They mounted the pavement, grabbed my phone, and drove off. I was left standing there in total shock, before I just burst into tears.

You know when you don't think anything can get any worse...and then it does? Yeh. That. Everything that had happened that week had just built up inside me and I was an emotional wreck. I was in shock from what had happened, but luckily a woman was walking by and saw everything so called the police for me. They came and met me and I gave them a statement, but they said it was unlikely I would get the phone back. Apparently they had stolen 7 other phones in the area that morning! I'd only had it for two months, and even though it was covered by insurance I still had to pay a £100 excess fee. 

The worst thing though was losing hundreds of photos and videos that I hadn't backed up yet! I was devastated and spent the day sobbing and crying whilst trying to block the phone, get a replacement sim so I could keep my number, and changing every password for every social account and email account I have.

That weekend I had a quiet one at home as I really needed it after such a stressful week, and I just went out for dinner with Jemima on the Saturday night to cheer me up. We went to Sexy Fish, and it was the first time I'd been! I absolutely loved it, but do think it's very overpriced. It had a really cool vibe though and the music was awesome!

The following week was a quieter one, with Motcomb Street Party on the Wednesday, and then Jack's 30th birthday on the Friday night. Jack doesn't exactly do things by halves, and he hired out Chelsea Old Town Hall and had a full blown white tie reeling ball! Jack LOVES his Scottish reeling, and a lot of his friends are also from his reeling classes. I used to go to reeling years ago so knew a few people there and had lots of fun dancing and being swung around the dance floor by the men! 

I finished the month with going to North Wales for the last weekend of June to visit my grandma, and then spent Sunday afternoon with my best friend and god-daughter. It was the perfect weekend, and I needed so badly to get out of London and away from 'real life' after the past few weeks. I was only there for two days but it was two days of being enveloped in love and being looked after by my Grandma. Hugs with my god-daughter and laughs with my bestie. It was lovely. 

How was your June?



  1. July will be SO much better! I can feel it in my bones!

  2. I can't believe that you got mugged! That's so sad about all your photos.

  3. Gosh, so sorry to hear about the mugging. That sucks but things are replaceable, its good you were not harmed.

  4. Oh God, I'm so sorry, what a shitty thing to have happen to you! Life sucks sometimes. On the other hand, it looks like you've had a lot of fun this month too and I especially can't wait to hear more about what you got up to in Milan (my spiritual home!) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that you got mugged, I hope you're OK now and that your Dad is better

  6. I can't believe you got mugged! what the heck?! But this apparently has been quite a massive modus operandi around town these days. Be careful and take heaps of care! (And I'm just glad you're not harmed seriously!)

    Bring on July!

    Honey The Girl Next Shore

  7. Oh how horrible to get mugged - and losing those photos too. Hope July is much better and glad there's exciting news on the horizon.


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