Sunday, 31 July 2016

Lux Life's July 2016.

The first half of July was a goodun. A couple of weeks of loveliness, friends, and enjoying the British summer. Oh, and Beyonce. The last half has been full of hospital visits and recovering from surgery at home with box sets of Friends, James Bond, and Gossip Girl. I've also lost 3kgs from not really being able to eat much. I'm sad I haven't lost more tbh, but I guess I have just been sitting around doing nothing all day every day, haha.

The first day of July was awesome, with a work 'hag/sten' do for one of my lovely colleagues who is getting married soon! We did a bit of a bar crawl near work, starting at Purl (BEST cocktails), then heading to a local pub, and then finishing in a random bar where we had our own space and we all got very drunk and danced until the last trains home.

The second day of July was equally as good. One of those days where you just appreciate how darn awesome your friends are. It was Henley Regatta, and my friends and I spent the day at our usual Henley spot, Phyllis Court Club. We drank pimms, ate ice-cream and cake, and watched a few seconds of a rowing match (is that even what they're called?). 

Then Catherine #2 and I left Henley a little early, got in the Luxmobile, and I drove us (via mcdonalds) to Wembley Stadium for BEYONCE. The Queen was incredible, and we danced our socks off and cried tears of joy. It was everything I expected and so much more. We also had a hilarious moment when we lost my car in the car park, and it took us forever to find it. LOLZ.

A few days later I went to see Ab Fab with my Mum one evening (SO FUNNY), and the next day I went for cocktails with three of my fave ladies from my old work. We just went to All Bar One for happy hour, and it was amaze. The next day I went for dinner at Picture in Marylebone with Sufi, Zak, and Talha. It was delish, and one of those nights where you just sit on the train home with a big smile on your face because you spent the whole evening laughing. 

The week finished with a lunch catch-up at Roti Chai with Kiran (blog post coming soon), and Catherine #2's birthday at our favourite, Archer Street. We had a table and we drank bottles of prosecco and danced on the tables with DJ Daza. 

With just a couple of days left before my operation, I went for dinner with Jasiminne at Shotgun BBQ. We loved it. It was delicious. 

The night before my operation I had a chilled one at home and got an early night. Then it was surgery day and all went well. They removed my lingual tonsils and I spent 10 days recovering before going back to work. A week after my operation we had a bit of a stressful day when I woke up early in the morning choking on blood, and had to be rushed to hospital as something in my throat had ruptured and blood was pouring out of my nose and mouth. It was terrifying and gross and I still feel all weird every time I think about it.You can read all about it here though.

I wasn't allowed out of the house for a week after my operation in case of infection, but my lovely friend Beth who I've been friends with since we were 4, came round to give me hugs and drop off some flowers. Then the weekend before I went back to work, and the first weekend I was allowed out of the house since the surgery, my friend Phoebe who I used to work with came to Guildford. We had a lovely day eating ice-cream and froyo, quenching our thirst with Starbucks' new iced Teavana drinks, and wandering around the town and local villages. It was good to be walking about again and finally make the most of the sunshine. You can read all about it here!

This week I went back to work, and after chilled evenings on Monday and Tuesday, and lunch on Tuesday (which featured soft serve ice-cream!) with Jasiminne and Aftab at my fave Marylebone restaurant, Social Wine and Tapas, on Wednesday I went to see Wicked! It was so amazing, I absolutely loved it. Clare and I went and had such a great time!

Thursday I was supposed to go out, but I was so exhausted from the late night the night before and my first week back at work, that I just needed to go home and rest. I'm getting sensible in my old-er age! Friday night though, I went to the Home House Summer Party with a few friends. The theme was 'Olympia to Rio' and was fancy dress. I'm not very good at fancy dress though, haha, so I just went as a 'spectator' ;)

And then when we got there I realized I could have gone as a Karate athlete (I still have my old karate kit from when I was 14), or I could have been a basic bitch like every other women there (soz Catherine #2) and gone all Grecian goddess. Anyway, after Home House we headed to Cuckoo Club, one of my fave clubs in London,  There'll be a proper blog post about the night later this week!

This weekend has been lovely, I had a quiet day Saturday and then went out Saturday night. I started in Dirty Martini with the girls and Johnny, and then while the others went to get the last tube home, I went to Cirque Le Soir to meet Adam for a couple of hours of dancing. Then I went to a dog's 1st birthday today! Yes. You read that right. Sarah's super cute Maltese pup, Jack, turned one year old, so we had a picnic in Battersea Park and everyone was welcome to bring their dog!

How was your July? Did you get up to anything fun?

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  1. So glad that you're getting better after your operation, looks like July was full of great food and friends as it should be!

  2. What a month! SWT is one of my favourite spots too :) Glad to hear that you're back on your feet after the operation! xx

  3. Nice to hear that you got to the Home House party, it's always a blast!

  4. I am so jealous that you saw Beyonce - I hope she was just a fabulous as I imagine she would be?! The food pics from social wine and tapas look yum!!

  5. She was so incredible!!! Social Wine & Tapas is awesome, one of my fave restaurants :)

    C x

  6. Ahh so glad to hear someone else loves it! It's a 'go-to' place for me as it's so close to work. Thank you! :)

    C x


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