Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Fine British Cuisine at Picture, Marylebone.

Picture in Marylebone is located on New Cavendish Street, where The Joint used to be (*sob*),  and is the sister restaurant to the famous Picture resturant just down the road in Fitzrovia. It's predominantly British food, with a European twang, and it was pretty sensational. I wasn't actually going to blog this, but it ended up being too good to not tell you all about it! It was a relaxing evening with friends, and I tend not to blog most of the dinners I have with friends, just because I like to keep some things private and personal and off the blog, so I'm afraid you'll have to forgive me; I didn't take my camera, which means you'll have to put up with phone photos. 

I arrived first, almost 10 minutes late and was worried that the others would be waiting. Luckily I was fine, Sufi was stuck on the tube, and the boys were on what they call 'Arab time' ;) according to them "Arabs are always late", which was proven later on when Talha was arranging to see Adam quickly before heading home, and Adam said "meet at 10pm", so Talha said "is that British time or Moroccan time?" Adam responded with "10:30pm British time" hahaha! At least I know it isn't just me Adam is late for (srsly. every. single. time).

Anyway, by around 6:30pm we were all sat down at a large table by the window, eyeing up the menu and trying to decide what to have whilst nibbling at the bread rolls and gorgeously creamy butter.

For starters Sufi went for the Ligurian beef heart tomato, grilled bread, feta, rouille...

Zak had the Charred spiced cauliflower, sea purslane, peas, shallots, which I think looked a little plain, but he assured me the flavours made it taste much better than it looked!

Talha and I both had the Ravioli of caramelised onion, peas, broad beans, lettuce, which was honestly delicious....

For mains I opted for the Roast young chicken, Portobello mushrooms, cavolo nero. It was perfection. A reasonably healthy dish that tasted a little naughty (hello crispy chicken skin!).

The others had a mix of the 28 day aged beef with bone marrow crumb and red wine sauce, the Stone bass, courgette, aubergine, orzo, and black olive, and the Hake brandade, smoked haddock, hispi cabbage, and red onion. We also shared a bowl of vegetables, fries, and a bowl of lettuce (yeh, it was literally just a bowl of lettuce)...

Finally we chose our desserts while we sipped on our four watermelon lemonades. It was a Thursday night and a school night, so alcohol was off the cards. The watermelon lemonades were incredible - PLEASE promise me you'll order one if you go to Picture?! Anyway, for dessert we had; Warm almond cake, apricot, frozen lemon thyme yoghurt (this was SO good!)...

Iced mascarpone parfait with English strawberries and granola (again this was amazing), and Dark chocolate mousse with salt caramel crumble (not photographed because it looked so wrong...but it did taste ah-mazing).

We had such a lovely meal at Picture. We were there for nearly three hours in the end, feasting on brilliant cuisine that heavily featured interesting flavour combinations and vibrant colours. We chatted and laughed endlessly, until it was time to step outside and head home. It was one of the loveliest meals I've had in a long time, and it was the company as well as the incredible food that made it so.

Picture in Marylebone only opened a couple of weeks ago, and you can tell that it's very much a work-in-progress. The staff weren't the friendliest, however they did allow us to stay put for hours and not once did we feel rushed, which was nice. However the food really is something, so I urge you to visit soon! Also they have an amazing lunch deal, which is three courses for £22 or four courses for £25. They also have a 6-course summer evening menu for £40. 

We were super lucky and visited during the soft launch, so we got 50% off our bill, which meant we only paid around £25 each instead of £50 (which covered food, drinks, and service). Such a bargain, but I'd happily pay full price to go back again.



  1. I went to the first Picture and loved the food! I need to try this one too.

  2. Picture sounds really fantastic, I've never heard of watermelon lemonade before


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