Saturday, 11 June 2016

The Start of Summer: Polo in the Park 2016.

I always consider Polo in the Park to be the start of summer. It's always held on the first weekend of June (see my past posts here), and thus always marks the beginning of 'the season' in London. The whole point of Polo in the Park is that it's an opportunity for everyone to watch polo, it doesn't discriminate and you don't have to be a member or be 'in the know' to go. The crowd is very different from the likes of Cowdray and Ham (my favourite polo blog post I've ever written is the Ham one) but that's what makes it unique. It's right in the city and easy to get to. Unfortunately this year was a little overcast, but we still had a lot of fun!

I have a confession to make. I didn't watch any of the polo this year. I know. I'm ashamed. But I do usually watch it, and I usually stomp the divots too. But this year I was jetlagged and having too much fun catching up with friends! 

Also I had camera battery issues so these photos are all from my phone, so any selfie ones look a bit 'airbrushed' because my phone automatically blurs your face and it annoys the hell outta me and I can't work out how to make it stop. Soz. It was not my lucky day (also I had a cracking hangover from the Lansdowne Summer Ball the night before).

As always the food was incredible, and this year it was better than ever before! The food market included food from Hix, Ceru, Gordon Ramsey's Maze Grill, and much much more. It was awesome! I had the pizza. After 10 days of Caribbean food I desperately wanted a big fat pizza with pepperoni and mushroom. And it was so. bloody. good.

Naturally we got photos at the La Martina photobooth.

We wandered over to the Mahiki tent, and spent a good 30mins queuing up for a drink. It was super busy in there and a bit stressful so we headed back over to the Lanson tent to find our friends. 

Oh, and obvs I had to have a photo with this sign.

Before we knew it the day was over and we were all being asked to leave the park. A few of us decided to go to Parsons Green and chill out on the green as the pubs were heaving with people. We spent a couple of hours being total bogans and drinking in the park, before heading home. 

Despite the weather I had a pretty great day, and it was good to see a couple of friends I haven't seen for a while. Mainly this one, who I've been on a hiatus from since December due to me being far too stubborn. But I realized I missed him too much so he's back in my good books (ish...he's still a UKIP supporter, ugh).

We had such a great day, but I still think Polo in the Park is super overpriced. It now costs about £50 per ticket to go on the Saturday (it was £25 per ticket when we first started going), and compared to the £20 it costs to go to Cowdray it's pretty pricey. But it always sells out every year so I guess they can charge what they like. If you're on a budget go on the Friday or Sunday as those days are cheaper. But do go, it really is a fun day out (and brilliant for people watching)!



  1. I didn't realize that you were there too, I was in the La Martina tent. The Country Lux sign is very you!

  2. Ive never been to the Polo but you know what Id love to try it out. Always fancied myself as a Ralph Lauren Gal.

    Ps I love the blog ♥

  3. Oooh thanks for the honest thoughts on value for money as this has been on my list of things to experience one year for a long time now! Does seem a tad costly but as you say, that's clearly not putting people off too much so I would still be tempted to try it out one day!

  4. My friends cousin organises and runs Polo in the Park and I agree it's such an amazing event but if you have to buy tickets, the prices have gone up and up so quickly over the past few years. I think people will always still go as it's a great day out and they explain the game really well if you don't play. Annoyingly for my friends I do play so I'm a huge pain in the backside constantly shouting RIDE HIM OFF at everyone, haha! I couldn't make it this year due to a family event but it looks like it was a great weekend!

    Super post!


  5. It is expensive for what it is, but definitely think it's worth going to at least once!

    C x

  6. Go for it, it's so much fun! And thank you! :)

    C x

  7. Ahh can't believe I didn't see you! Hope you had a great day!

    C x

  8. @KarenBurnsBooth15/06/2016, 10:14

    You look FAB and I agree with you, that Polo in the Park is indeed the start of summer, now all we need is the good weather to come back again! Fabulous photos and what a GREAT experience, I DO love a good chukka! Karen

  9. Ahh how amazing do you all look! What a cool event to go to. It's so refreshing your so honest about the cost of tickets. Gorgeous photos lovely :)

    Katie // Words By Katie


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