Sunday, 19 June 2016

New Hair At Nicky Clarke London.

You may remember how the day of my 25th birthday party I got my hair re-highlighted, and it didn't go so well. If you saw the photos, it was circa 2002 Atomic Kitten. Well I wanted to wait a couple of months to get it re-done because I didn't want it to damage my hair if I got it redone too soon.  Last week I finally got it sorted out, and went to Nicky Clarke in Mayfair, one of the top hairdressers in London. did it go...?

I left work a little early (thank you flexi-lunch), and walked the short 10minutes from my office to the salon. I was taken to a chair and introduced to my lovely colourist, Jess. We chatted about what was wrong with my current hair colour and what we could do to fix it, and she was refreshingly honest about what would suit my skin colouring and what wouldn't.

Photo from Nicky Clarke

The salon was gorgeous and super elegant. After Jess had applied the colour and bleach, I sat and had a giggle at Sarah's messages about the latest gossip that were flooding my whatsapp, and chilled out and relaxed. I'd had a super stressful day, and was absolutely exhausted. I was practically falling asleep, it was so bad! When it was time to wash the colour out of my hair one of the trainees took me over to the sinks, and I probably had the worst hair wash of my life.

Photo from Nicky Clarke

The guy was so rough, and then when he put the conditioner on my hair he literally just ran a small amount from my roots down to my ends and then washed it straight off. No head massage or anything (is it just me or is that basically the best part of having your hair done!?). Also I know my hair and I know how it needs to be washed. Usually I don't have to tell someone how to wash it as usually they know how to as well. I'm no expert, but personally I dry my hair after shampooing/rinsing so it isn't soaking wet (I've noticed that if I don't do this then the conditioner just drips off the ends), and then I put conditioner in and let it sit for a coupla minutes.

My hair is damaged and coloured, and is VERY knotty and tangly, even when it wasn't coloured it got static and frizzy and tangled really easily, so all my life I've always had to use a lot of conditioner and leave it on for a bit so I can actually comb/brush it after. So when you just run a bit of conditioner through it and wash it straight off it basically does nothing to my hair and it's impossible to get a brush through it.

Anyway, so then the guy took me back to the chair and started attacking my head with the hair brush. It basically felt as though he was ripping it and he just made it even worse. I really wanted to just ask him if I could brush it myself so I could at least do it gently. Then he started blow-drying my hair while it was still knotty...while still trying to brush it.

Thankfully Fraser then came and rescued me. He's been training alongside Nicky as a stylist, and he took me upstairs to style it properly for me. He sprayed my hair with water so it was wet again, and then gently and slowly brushed through it. Then he put some product on it and started blow-drying it. Fraser was so much more relaxed than the previous guy, and did SUCH a good job on the blow-dry! And despite the lack of conditioner on my hair and the fact I haven't had it cut since January, it still looked pretty good!

I'm always terrified to see the final colour, but when I saw it I was SO happy. It looks so much more natural and classy compared to my old noughties tiger stripes. Jess came up to see if it was all OK, and took some pics for me. I actually had my phone stolen on Friday (I was standing on the pavement by my office on the phone to my doctor, when two motorbikes zoomed straight at me and mounted the pavement, grabbed it from my hand and drove off. I got it two months ago, fml), so I've lost all my photos (including my pics from Milan). Luckily I posted a couple to Twitter though, but they're only low-resolution ones :(

Bar the first guy who washed/dried my hair, I was super impressed with the service at Nicky Clarke. Jess and Fraser were just amazing and gave me a hair colour that I totally love. I'm so much more confident since I had it done, I no longer walk around wishing I could have a bag or hat over my head, and have found myself swishing at around. Also here's a photo below of what it looked like a few days later in Milan, after I'd given it a good deep condition (and with full makeup on, haha. Also lol at Jasiminne's face!).

Whaddya think?

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*I was invited to Nicky Clarke to review their services, this (obviously) has no influence over my views.


  1. Babe, this is soooo much better!!! x I like!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

  2. I love it! Gah, I hate it when they're rough with you at the hairdresser but at least the end result was great.

  3. Your hair looks amazing - I've been to this salon for a facial but not a hairdo

  4. I loved how gorgeous your hair looks now, remember how I couldn't stop gushing over it in Milan? (And don't you worry about photos, I'm retrieving the ones I took of you so I can send them to you now). The trainee experience sounds like a nightmare - I'm ALL about the head massage, that's the whole point of 'outsourcing' when it comes to hair! x

    Posh, Broke, & Bored

  5. Wow! The salon looks really nice :))) And I like your hair colour and your hairdo :))) They did a good job.

  6. Glad that you finally got the look that you wanted. Going to the hair dressers always freaks me out too many Mavericks who want to do something crazy with my hair. Your hair looks lovely Lucy x

  7. The colour looks perfect!! I need to get mine blended in a bit more so might take a look there myself - they've done such a fab job (apart from the hair washer, obviously!).

    Also can't believe you had your phone taken while on the phone! I know it's been happening a lot round the area where we work and saw someone have theirs taken by someone on a bike the other day, but always thought they targeted people staring down at their phones and walking by the edge of the road - not on the phone to the doctor! So sorry to hear about that :(



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