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Lux Life's May 2016.

I know I know, it's June already, you'll just have to forgive me for the lateness of this post, but I didn't get back from my 10-day trip to Antigua until 1st June, and I went straight from the airport to work and haven't really been home much since. Things have been a little crazy to say the least. So, what did I get up to in May aside from a lush trip to the Caribbean?

May started with me being stuck at home recovering from my operation on my lingual tonsils that was done at the end of April. I had around a two week recovery period after, and the worst thing was finding out in my follow up appointment that the operation didn't work (I went private because the NHS refused to take the fact that I couldn't breathe or swallow properly that's nearly £1000 spent on an operation that didn't even work, FML) I may have to go through it all, all over again (and spend another £1000 in the process because my Bupa cover is a max of £1000 per year or something).

Now, let me tell you, not being allowed out of the house in case of infection for at least a week after, was NOT easy. I'm such a social butterfly and have to be constantly busy and doing things, so to literally be stuck at home killed me. Dylan kept me company though and followed me around like a shadow the whole time I was off work.

The worst part was feeling so weak and exhausted constantly. A few days after my op I was so bored, so thought I'd do some exercise. I whacked on some music and had a bit of a dance party by myself...but then after about 10 minutes felt as though I was gonna collapse! Just that 10 minutes really took it out of me. I basically spent the entire 10 days I had off work watching my box set of Friends. Between my days sleeping, cooking, eating, and ya know, showering and blogging, I only got to season 7. I forgot how many episodes there are.

But when my recovery period was over I gradually threw myself back into my life, and May was pretty great. The fam and I went down to Sandbanks for my Mum's birthday as my brother lives down there, and we had a fab lunch at Rick Stein's

My first day back at work my friend Sufi and I went to the Rolls Royce showroom at lunchtime to check out the cars for their London Craft Week event. We learnt all about how the cars are made and what makes them unique, and we even got to create our very own Rolls Royce on their huge digital design system (sadly we couldn't take it home though).

My first Sunday 'outside' after my op was a busy one, I had breakfast at German Gymnasium, a delicious afternoon tea at the St Ermins Hotel, and then after a quick change headed to the BAFTA Television Awards with House of Fraser! 

The next day was the Tatler Restaurant Awards, which I dragged Edd along to. We had a great catch up and had a lot of fun, but there were a couple of surprising wins and some that were to be expected. The awards were held at The Savoy, and the canapes were probably the best canapes I have ever had. They were incredible! 

I had a night out with the girls on Friday at our favourite; Archer Street, and then Saturday was spent with some of my favourite boys. Peter and Adam were both over from Geneva, so I went to the Yacht Week Day Party with Pete and Dan, before we headed to Home House with our little group for dinner and dancing. Later on I got a taxi round the corner to Cirque le Soir to meet Adam and experience the newly relaunched club. 

Our group were so awesome a random guy took a photo of us all...on his phone.

The next day was the Queens's 90th birthday concert at Windsor Park. I went along with Sid and a few friends and we had such a great time! It was a funny one because I think it probably would have been quite boring to watch on TV, but being in the arena the atmosphere was electric and everyone was having an awesome evening! 

The only weird thing that annoyed us quite a bit was that you couldn't actually see the stage where the artists were performing (that thing above that looks like a stage, wasn't the stage), as you were facing the arena and the stage was in the corner. For the pretty steep price of the tickets, it would have been good to actually see the artists performing as well as the goings on in the arena!

The following week was also fairly busy, with the very cool Macy's event at the Good Ship Benefit at R.S. Hispaniola (I'll be doing a full post on this soon, as it is awesome). Suze was there too so we had a good catch up and chat about all things blogging, and had some delicious cocktails and food! I had my eyebrows shaped at the on-board Benefit Brow Bar, and for someone who loves getting their eyebrows waxed and shaped, it was the best eyebrow shape I've ever had and I'm totally in love with their more defined arch.

I saw Suze again the following day when we went to Heathrow Airport for a day behind the scenes experiencing Britain's Busiest Airport. We got to go right next to the runway and even see the animal section! It was a fun day out and well worth taking a holiday day from work for!

Jemima and I headed to Tape on Thursday night for the Global Girls Guide launch, which coincided with Timo's birthday. So I had a couple of friends there and we partied in the VIP section until our feet just couldn't hold us up any longer. 

My last 'May day' before I went to Antigua, Suraya and I went to Sake no Hana after work to try out their new Sakura menu. We were really impressed, and you get a lot of very good food  + cocktails for a bargain price of £34pp. 

Then it was off to Antigua with Claire! We had five nights at St James' Club, and five nights at Galley Bay which is a sister resort of Palm Island. It was a pretty epic 10 day trip and we saw and did so much (including a helicopter ride over Montserrat)! The posts will start going live this week, and then I'll drip feed them out over the next few weeks, interspersing them with a few London posts here and there so you don't get too bored with Caribbean pics ;)

Phew. So it's been a pretty busy month! What did you get up to in May?



  1. I'm so looking forward to your Antigua posts!

  2. You crammed in a lot before Antigua, can't wait to read all about it!

  3. I'm so impressed that despite being in 'recovery mode' for 2 weeks you still grabbed the rest of May by the balls and more than made up for last time. And there I was, more or less healthy (or as healthy as this lard ball will ever be) with my social life revolving around home! x

    Posh, Broke, & Bored

  4. May didn't start off great for you but you packed a lot after recovery mode! And a trip to Antigua is a great way to end it :)

    Maya Not Mya

  5. I cannot wait to see how your trip went!

  6. I love how many amazing things you managed to cram into this month despite being housebound for a good chunk of it! Sorry about the op :( can't wait for the Antigua posts!

    Polly xx
    Follow Your Sunshine

  7. Ooo FUN May Catherine! Sorry to hear about your op but at least you jam packed the rest of the month! :) xxx

  8. Oh yes, I made up for it big time ;) haha!

    C x

  9. Haha I definitely made up for my time off! :P

    C x

  10. I definitely did :) and Antigua was the perfect way to recover from all the events and parties!

    C x

  11. Hehe thanks, I was pretty proud of myself tbh! :P

    C x


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