Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A Crazy Weekend of Partying: Home House & Cirque le Soir.

Last weekend was one of those crazy weekends that left my body broken and my mind exhausted. But it was a good one. It was one of those weekends that made me grateful for the friends in my life and the new people you meet along the way. A weekend of debauchery and one that was long overdue after my return to normal life after my recent operation. 

My last night out was my 25th birthday, and as someone who is still pretty obsessed with clubs and parties at the grand ole age of 25, having a few weeks off from that to recover from the operation was pretty tough (especially when I found out last week that the operation didn't actually work...so it was all basically for nothing). Anyway. So my weekend involved; a night out at Archer Street, an all-day brunch party, a night out at Home House and the relaunch of Cirque le Soir, and the Queen's 90th birthday party. Phew.

So Friday night I had a night out with the girls at Archer Street, dancing on tables and being the only one in the entire bar to know the Electric Slide. Srsly. Everyone else just stood there like 'Wtf is this? Where's Steps gone?' and I was like shouting 'OMFG YES!' *starts doing the dance* ...then I realized no one else was and everyone looked confused so I abruptly stopped. Although we had a great time, Archer Street has gone downhill a bit lately and isn't as much fun as it used to be. 

The next day I headed back into London for the Yacht Week Brunch Party at Dirty Bones in Kensington. I've never actually been on Yacht Week...but a whole heaps of my friends have and they know how much I wanna go, so they invited me along to get a little taster of the parties. I got there around 2pm and the party was already in full swing. It. Was. Amazing. Like omg SO much fun! I was driving but wasn't planning to drive home for another 12 hours or so, so I had a few glasses of champagne and we all went a little bit crazy...

The day party finished at 6:30pm, and after a quick change from day to night clothing, we got a taxi to Home House for some dinner. We ate in the French restaurant and I had an incredible fillet of Halibut on a bed of roasted vegetables. After dinner we headed to the bar for drinks (I was on water and lemonades by this point), and eventually ended up in one of the clubs at Home House.

I bloody love the club at Home House, it started off pretty quiet but got super busy around 10pm. And you know you have a good group when a stranger asks to take a photo of you all...on his phone. None of us will ever see that photo, haha!

These Guys <3 My faves. 

Peter and Dan were their usual selves and impressed everyone with their dance skills, and after a bit of an emotional heart to heart and pretty deep conversation with Pete in the middle of the club, I headed off to Cirque le Soir just off Regent Street to meet Adam for the relaunch of Cirque. Cirque le Soir is a little like The Box....

It's a pretty cool place, but not for the faint hearted! I was feeling pretty exhausted by this point and was not on top form at all (hello, I'd been partying in 6inch heels for over 12 hours...), so Adam kindly dropped me off at my car (which was back in Kensington where I'd left it at 2pm) around 3am and I drove home to my nice warm bed. There is *nothing* like getting into bed after a long day/night out and just falling straight to sleep! 

The next day I had a lazy morning, and then headed to Windsor in the late afternoon to meet Sid, Raiyan, and Caroline for the Queen's 90th Birthday concert in the castle grounds.

The concert was great and the atmosphere was completely electric! I do love Windsor, and got there earlier than the others to have a wander and made sure to stock up on my favourite fudge. There's a teeny tiny fudge shop that we've been going to since I was a child, and the prices are cray cray (like £5 for a block of fudge), but it's so worth it. The concert made me feel all patriotic and reminded me of the feeling over the Jubilee Weekend back in 2012!

Tell me, how was your weekend? What did you get up to?

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  1. Ahhh so much fun- I love living the london set life vicariously through you! ;)

    We are Dannah | australian lifestyle blog


  2. Looking beautiful and glam as always! Loving the Lux life!


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